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Candidate for the position of International Rep (Cambridge)



I would like to nominate myself to be the International Rep for Cambridge. I am a first-year student and currently registered for the business with entrepreneurship course. I am an international student from INDIA and I did my High School in India. During my high school period, I have held many leadership positions, I was my school's cultural president, I was also the model UN ambassador for my city. I had also held many secretarial positions in various clubs(computing, debating, and Science). Being responsible for all three societies I had to arrange many events, organize dates for meetings, and communicate tons with pupils to seek out out about their interests. I gained tons of experience in many various areas like time management and communication skills. As the cultural president, I was engaged with students & faculty not only from my school but schools all over India. This required me to put forward pupils' suggestions and issues with the school's policies, possible future developments, etc. During my final year at school, I had trained almost 300+ students in International relations and Model UN. I have also worked with Harvard University’s IRC as one of their conference managers. I had been actively a part of model UN and international relations ambassadors in India. I have always worked hard to realize the simplest possible result and I think these characteristics of mine make me an appropriate candidate for the position. I believe that I can act as a robust link between the scholars and therefore the staff side.