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Hello, my name is Caroline Hill and I am running for the position of President of the Students Union. I am a 3rd year Software Development Student. I am a determined and driven individual who enjoys life. I am committed to contribute my time and energy to create positive changes that students want to see. I will put my efforts with the students union, into making University Life an unforgettable experience that will remain with you forever.


I am approachable friendly happy go lucky person. I am also fun, innovative, compassionate and challenging in meetings. I have really enjoyed my time at Anglia Ruskin University as an undergraduate. I have what it takes to help maintain the success and progress of the student’s union. I am really keen to meet and engage with new students on a day-to-day basis. I fully understand the realities of student life.

During my time at Anglia Ruskin University, I have seen some of the biggest changes and I am excited to continue this momentum. I have also fully involved myself in student life from taking part in University Competitions to joining the Archery Club and setting up a society, Volunteering with young people, the Role of Disabled Student representative Chelmsford, This year the role of class representative and I am also LQBTQ.  I have also this pass year worked behind the scenes representing students in the education technology stream raising awareness and concerns that students have. These opportunities illustrate my commitment to university life.


  1. I am a passionate about mental health and the well-being of students and I will make this a top priority to continue to raise awareness and ensure access to resources.
  2. I will campaign to help make a reality that students receive acknowledgement from the government in the form of a refund of student tuition fees.
  3. I will champion students to make sure voices are and concerns are heard at the highest level.
  4. I will build an engaging thriving online community.
  5. To improve off campus accommodation problems by creating a database that provides list of accessible accommodations that are vetted by the university before going on the database to help avoid some problems that have been indicated in the rent report. To promote equality, diversity and inclusion.
  6. I will campaign to ensure as students we have access to LinkedIn learning when we leave university.
  7. I will campaign to provide students with access to course material once we have left university.
  8. To listen and be friendly, approachable putting students concerns at the heart of the students Union. By holding weekly chats in person and through social media, to identify the real issues within, that students face at the earliest opportunity to create a positive change and impact.
  9. Starting an initiative of professional collaboration between students from all disciplines.
  10. To increase postgraduate, international, BME, Disabled and LGBTQ participation and awareness by setting up open forums working with groups to ensure support structures are in place.