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Candidate for the position of Mental Health Rep (Cambridge)




Yasmin Mei for Mental Health Rep - ARU Cambridge 2021


About me 

She / Her

º I am a highly motivated person who trusts that we can make an enormous difference in each other´s lives.

º I believe in equal rights for everyone, no exceptions! No matter who you are, your beliefs or where you come from, you shouldn´t be treated any differently.


My experience:

- I have been a student rep for many years, having the skills needed to represent students and their ideas;

- I am also experienced in the promotion & organisation of events and campaigns;

- I have won awards for volunteering at an animal shelter;

- I am currently a Biomedical Science course Rep.


If you elect me, I will...

I intend to create a supporting structure for students, as many of them might be missing the comfort of a home. I plan to design a series of different supporting strategies based on creating bonds between students so as ease the insecurities caused by the impact of being far from our homes. This way, I will establish a familiar and supporting environment.

- I intend to bridge the gap between the different services and groups that exist at University. I want to bring them closer together in order to provide a better experience for students, offering them guidance and a safety net.


COVID-19 and mental health:

The world´s current situation has taken its toll on each and every one of us and it´s no wonder that we all need a break from the routine.

This way, I want to create a series of weekly and monthly activities that would allow students to get to know each other and come together, so as to not miss out on the University experience. I wish to launch a series of new workshops, activities, challenges and meetings (now online and face-to-face when possible) that will showcase student´s talents, traditions and interesting facts about their cultures, aiming to build new friendships and a familiar and welcoming environment.

Don´t forget: the activities I will promote are not only for entertainment purposes, they actually aim to engage students and promote a healthy atmosphere.


Wellness4all: two easy and fast ways of accessing all information

I will create a centralised network that will bring both University services and local services together, creating new pathways to increase the response´s efficiency. How this would work: students would use a QR code to automatically be redirected to a platform where all information and contacts would be available. Anywhere and anytime you feel comfortable.

I wish to add an engagement dashboard tile to the current Anglia Ruskin App. This will consist of daily challenges and weekly activities. The new tile will be a centralised hub linking you to all support groups within the University (redirecting you to the same page as the QR code). Students will be able to share their progress, inspiring others, whilst creating a sense of community.

4-point plan:

* Sports * Community  * Animals * Nature

I will work towards ending the stigma surrounding mental health by raising awareness and giving us students all the support we need.



The Wellbeing Festival

I believe in coming together as a school community and start a new era – the era of wellbeing! With this in mind, I intend to create the week-long Wellbeing Festival, which would take place in October, in order to commemorate the World Mental Health Day (10th of October).


The festival would have its focus on making students feel good, providing them with a sense of wellbeing and accomplishment. The event will promote activities such as:

º Workshops;

º Talent showcase;

º Relaxing with animals;

º Bringing together diverse cultures through cooking and music activities;

º Concerts and exhibitions that would promote other students´ work and talents;

º Sports & Yoga;

º The "party in the dark" concept;

º Team building activities;

º Arts & crafts.


"Be the change you wish to see in the world"