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Candidate for the position of B&L Faculty Rep (Chelmsford)




Hello , my name is Wonda Grobbelaar and I am running for the position as an International Student Representative.

My experience and skills:

I have experience in working with various cultures  and have developed an understanding and respect for each one of them.

I believe that my love for our rainbow world makes me an ideal candidate, as very little can be achieved if we do not understand each other.

I believe that any problem is only a challenge that needs a solution.

What I plan to do if elected:

Objective 1

Increase culture awareness for better communication between the student and ARU.

Objective 2

Creating effective supporting channels for the international student and never lose student because of lack of support.

Objective 3

Increase social activity online for international students by running different social events at least once a month on a digital platform.

I believe these goals will have a tremendous impact on effective communication between the international student and ARU.

Closing Statement

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto and feel free to get in contact with me on email id or on social media.