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Candidate for the position of AHSS Faculty Rep (Cambridge)

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I'm Jim, a mature student in Cambridge. As your AHSS Faculty Rep, I see my position as being your voice and speaking up for all students. My background has always been working in roles where I take the lead in solving problems, dealing with people, and getting to the truth. I believe that these are the skills needed to be able to represent you within AHSS.

I'm currently in year one of Audio and Music Technology, where I have identified bad practice, and raised concerns about issues with faculty management to bring about change. My aim is to improve the student experience for all, to speak up about failings in AHSS as well as to promote good practice, and to get you better value for money in your degree.

As your rep, I will;

  • Be a proactive advocate, ensuring that your concerns are heard.
  • Push for better mental health support, both inside and outside of lectures.
  • Work to bring greater interaction between departments, so we can all benefit from each other.

Working together, we can bring about change for the better for everyone.