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Candidate for the position of Disabled Students’ Rep (Cambridge)



Shubham Singh

As you all know me, I am Shubham Singh, I am studying in 2nd year B Eng, In my first impression I would like you to start with, from my father spoke to me that sticks with me for a long time "Don't let your disability stop your success, make your disability as your strength". I hope I will be running to be your next Students with Disabilities Officer. For Context, I have a hearing impairment with 100% deafness by birth. I don't let this break my spirit no matter what. 

However, Despite this range, I am very much aware of the broad of disability, which many of them I have experience dealing with it. My own experiences alone are not enough to adequately represent the range of disabilities students at ARU will have, because of the new country that I am representing for the second time, which is why I will first of all endeavour to hold feedback sessions and drop-ins a couple of times a month in order to find out if there are any issues which need addressing that I am not aware of. As usual, I would operate in conjunction with the needs of the students I represent, hence why engagement will be one of the priorities for me. Following on from that, I also intend to use my communications and marketing experience from previous society positions back in my home country and working in student media to ensure that my work, campaigns, and my assistance is advertised to as many of the disabled student population as possible and hopefully Some of them will work/help me to ensure everything is fine.

Thank you for reading my manifesto, and please vote for Shubham Singh.