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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Business and Law)




Hi, I am Jayasurya G K pursuing MBA (2nd year) and I am running for the position of Vice- President – B&L. This Manifesto strives to reflect the key issues and the solution to them which can improve the overall student experience at ARU. I have had a successful career at Amazon – India before choosing to start my Post Graduate studies at ARU. My theme for the campaign is Inclusion and Diversity and this will be followed and adapted throughout my tenure if I get elected. I have worked as a student buddy from August 2020 which has helped me improve my skills such as Time Management, Ownership, Resilience, Organizational and event planning which are important for a leader to have My excellence in curricular and extra-curricular activities enabled me to gain a placement as Communication Officer with ARU. These experiences will be hugely valuable while I will be carrying out the day -day activities or leading a campaign from the front. The Election 2021 is about you choosing your leader to be the voice of your concerns. I request upon the ARU student community to vote me to be your VP – B&L and provide me the opportunity to represent you. #WithUforUforARU


  • Work towards equipping Mumford theatre & establishing theatres in other campus to have state of the art audio and visual technologies to help students from all the faculty to have enhanced experience with their curricular and extra-curricular life
  • Incorporate training and help students procure certifications such as FRM, CISA, CRMA, CPIM, PMP, SHRM and CCR into the incubation Centre increase the employability and success of the student’s post-graduation.
  • Establish a Bi-Annual Conference/Exhibition to be attended by eminent achievers in their fields to share their success stories and provide guidance to the students.
  • Create a pool of Guarantors to be exclusively accesses to students to help in their struggle to find accommodation.


  • To develop the university canteens to have multi cuisine menus serving dishes from different countries for each day of the week
  • Ensure a part of the allowance is spent towards the SU shop to reduce the cost of study materials.
  • To offer Gym Membership at subsidized prices to students to promote their health and wellbeing.
  • Provide software and IT related accessories free of cost to the students to help you develop Your employability skills and help in writing their assessments.
  • Improve the accessibility of Canvas for self-identified Disabled person to facilitate their enhanced engagement with their courses, modules and Student experience.
  • Will lobby for university to partner with start-up’s and Corporate companies to increase placement opportunities
  • Work towards encouraging more active participation from the students of Peterborough campus in Students Union