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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Science and Engineering)



Hii.. I'm Dipanshu Kant.. Current candidate for vice president (science & engineering).. I'm a postgrad clinical psychology student.. I was born and brought up in Delhi, India and have been living in Cambridge for more than a year now.. I was involved in various committees during my undergrad in India and have worked for 2 years as an assistant psychologist in clincal setting in my home country... So you can be rest assured if I say reducing stigma surrounding mental health will be my foremost priority.. These days (especially after covid) there has been a lot of buzz over mental health which has led to many people coming forward to tackle these issues, even those who dont have enough knowledge on this topic.. If I get selected, I'll try to work from ground up such as by setting up an anonymous student advisor committee.. So I kindly request you to not vote for me if you dont consider me as the right candidate and my manifesto doesnt seem engaging.. I have only included those points in my manifesto which I consider will be achievable for me if I become the Vice President.. Here are some of the other things which I'll try to accomplish:-

  • Night time food/food stalls managed by students
  • Dealing with graduate depression
  • Freshers week for sept 2020 and January 2021 students
  • Worship place in the university
  • Anonymous student advisor committee
  • Sustainability & Transparency