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Candidate for the position of AHSS Faculty Rep (Cambridge)

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Abbie Harper


About me:

  • I am currently a first year Illustration and Animation student
  • Currently ARU student Union Course Representative
  • Member of ARU's Drama Society


Why I am standing as Faculty Rep?

I am standing as the Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (AHSS) Faculty representative because I am committed to ensuring a fair and exceptional university experience for all of my AHSS peers, regardless of their status and situation. I firmly believe that it is vital, not only for education to influence students, but for students to directly influence their education. This is why I am standing for AHSS Faculty Rep. To make certain that each and every one of us both have a voice as part of Anglia Ruskin, and that our voices are heard.

As course representative for Illustration and Animation, I have already proven that I am capable at voicing the concerns and needs of my peers, but I am determined to make sure our voices are amplified and have a far greater impact on the decisions made by Anglia Ruskin. Through effective communication and mutual respect, I hope to make sure that all AHSS courses only experience positive development. I’m sure the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic will be obvious to us all, but for many of us, it has provided unique and unexpected difficulties, many of which seem neglected. Times are more than tough, but I hope to be given the opportunity to do everything I can to improve all of our experiences with as little friction as possible.

My aims and priorities:

Online Learning - Technology has the potential to hugely enhance education and I intend to help make sure that online learning is consistent and meets the standard of education and reliability that all students need and deserve.


Facilities & Equipment Requirements - Universities have arts and technological equipment and facilities that students would normally have access to at no extra cost. I strongly believe that if students do not have access to this equipment then they should not have to buy their own. I am committed to trying to help students that do not have the means to invest in such resources to communicate with the department to provide them with the resources they need to complete their assignments and fulfil their potential.


Mental Health Support - Emotional support is something every student needs access to and I want to make sure that students are informed of which mental health support resources are available as and and when they need.


Feedback - I am set on making sure students have a place to go to online where they can submit their feedback to tutors and the faculty, as well as providing my own contact details if they prefer for me to support them in this regard.


Communication - I am committed to helping students to know exactly how and where to reach their tutors and lecturers and vice versa.

Social Environments - Whether its an event or a casual meet-up, I want students to feel they have a place to go to when they want to socialise with current or potential friends. This being both digitally and in person.

Career Opportunities & Work Experience - Through the tutors, I intend on making sure students are aware of any work experience or career opportunities and that knowledge of these are made aware to them by lecturers and tutors.

Workload - I think that it is crucial that students are not assigned with more than they can handle and that course lecturers and tutors recognise when the implementation of change is necessary. Students need to have time to rest and destress or their mental health and quality of work can suffer.