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Candidate for the position of Mental Health Rep (Cambridge)



I applied for the role as the Mental Health Rep because at the beginning of 2021 I decided that I no longer wanted to feel afraid to do more. I use to be anxious of how others viewed me, especially academically as I use to feel such a pressure to perform to the best of my ability. At the beginning of 2021 my Uncle passed away, this was a turning point for me in my mental health as I became the lowest i've ever felt. After accepting his passing and working on my past traumatic experiences my mood changed to be more motivated. I still have my low moments but I control them more than they control me now. I then saw the advertisement of this role and thought lets do it. I am passionate about pushing the awareness that mental health shouldn't be overlooked or disregarded. I feel COVID-19 has changed many students to feel more anxious, alone and unmotivated, I myself feel the same at times. By standing for this role I hope to reduce the amount of students that are facing this by working with ARU. I am also the Course Rep for Psychology with Clinical Psychology, I have been in this role for my first and second year, this role has allowed me to gain a good relationship with ARU and the students.

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