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Candidate for the position of Mental Health Rep (Cambridge)

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Mental health as a subject is incredibly important to me. In my time serving in the military and as a care worker, I have seen firsthand the impact untreated mental health can have on someone's life. 

University is a time when many of us make friendships and form bonds, but this year that has been made more difficult due to the pandemic. 

So, given the strange circumstances we've all found ourselves in, I think its important that we can all have access the help we need without worries or fear. After almost a year of lockdowbs and isolation, it's important that we can come together and be there for each other, albeit virtually for the time being, as a supportive cohort.

We should net feel judged or stigmatised if we are struggling, and I want to create space and a way for those of us who need help to access it and try to reduce some of the feelings of isolation we are feeling.