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Candidate for the position of National Conference Delegate



My name is Omotola Dairo, a master student of international business from Nigeria. I am also the current course Representative of MSc International Business. I am a strong believer of the collective voice of students in policy making.  

I am therefore running for NATIONAL CONFERENCE  DELEGATE to be YOUR voice. As a representative for Anglia Ruskin university at the NUS conference I will support motions that focus on YOUR views at a national level. 
 I will use this opportunity to push for:
1. Workshops on empowering all students and enhancing their skills. 
2. A mentoring scheme for students of all backgrounds.
3. A more diverse welfare team.
4. Plan an ARU trip that celebrates culture and history.

Here to represent your ideas to the Nus  Delegate.

Vote OMOTOLA DAIRO for NUS Delegate.