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Candidate for the position of President



Omotola Dairo

Who am I?

A master student of International Business from Nigeria. I am passionate, driven and dedicated. I love to learn and explore. I like to talk, catch up on my favourite tv shows, play volleyball, play soccer (not very good at it but yes I play!), love to experience new culture. I like to keep things as interesting as I can. I wake up in the morning grateful to God, check on my emails and social networks, work, catch up on family news, hangout with friends. Depending on what the week or day brings I make the most of it. Dreams are free, so I figured if it doesn't cost anything, why not dream big. I hope to one day be the CEO of an NGO to Inspire and impact lives around the world. 

I enjoy volunteer work and community activities. So before the current global distancing I volunteer a couple of hours monthly at an organization that hands out clothes and food to children homes. I have found my purpose and passion to serve through charities by giving back to the society as well as leading individuals beyond their limit. I am currently involved in various voluntary programs like British heart foundation, Course Rep of MSc international business, ARU international buddies and many other voluntary programs. I always try to give the best of myself in all I do. I believe the growth and development of the people around you is the highest calling of leadership and I‘m therefore determined to ensure the growth and development of this School as your student union President.



* Increase funding for societies and sports teams.

* Take a lead nationally on issues that affect our student body at Aru.

* Get deadline extensions for students who are juggling caring responsibilities/part-time jobs with their degrees.

* Demand that part time officers are paid.

* Develop an all-inclusive programme of events that tailor to the diversity of students at ARU.

* Create annual student awards for student reps, sports and societies, student staff, PT officers and volunteers.

* Develop and launch a leadership scheme to empower students at ARU.

* Launch a leadership conference to inspire students to speak up.

* Provide leadership training to our elected student leaders to further develop their skills.

* To ensure that all the Union’s programs are centred on promoting the culture of equality, diversity and inclusion.

* To consistently and relentlessly represent the views and interests of all students especially as it concerns their education and welfare before the school management.

* To promptly respond to complaints or challenges faced by students in their academic pursuit.

* Review our core messages to ensure it is clear what we do for you as YOUR Students’ Union and all students are aware of our services



I humbly believe that I have the requisite skills and ability to function effectively as President of Anglia Ruskin university if elected. 

It is imperative for students to elect someone who understands their interests and who is committed to safeguarding such interests. I am therefore seeking your support and votes even as I offer myself to serve you in the capacity of President. 



Thank you