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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Science and Engineering)

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Dhairya Khimani

Before you read my manifesto, I would like to tell you why I’m running for VP.  This role is actually all about you, not our SU, not the faulty, not the university, but YOU, your education, your welfare and your experience. I hope to serve students on all subjects, including those specifically related to education and overall university experience for students, such as quality of teaching, library provision, additional resources and other student inputs. My mission is to ensure that every student has the resources to make his or her time at ARU as splendid as possible.

I intend to connect you directly to the support network of the university. Here to serve YOU!

If elected these are the pledges I will be mainly working on:

  • Quality of Education: As circumstances have changed quickly in recent years, work on issues of quality management is important. The level of education earned by all students must be assured to be the highest available. Let me be your QA Analysts!
  • Exam and Course Feedback: Students have found that inadequate input is available on certain courses and assessments, if any. I will focus on this topic if elected and make sure that better input levels prevail in any form available.
  • Student Representation: While the elective mechanism of student representatives progresses each year and most students are now aware of their representatives, there is a lack of awareness of representatives' goals, tasks and responsibilities. I would focus on educating students on what their representatives do and why they are so important, especially first year students who are just beginning their life in the university.

In the end I would like to promise you one thing that my major goal is to represent you, and for that reason I will always speak to you in a student first approach.