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Candidate for the position of International Rep (Cambridge)



Hi Friends,

I am Ritambhara Vir Gupta currently studying Masters in Business Administration. I am running for International Rep (Cambridge) in The Election 2021! Being an international student, I know the challenges International students face when they come to a different country to study.  I believe a lot more can be done to ensure that students away from their own home country feel comfortable. For me, being a part of the student union is a real way to make a change that we want to see on our campus. 

If elected, I want to-

  • Introduce ARU Buddy Program for international students
    This basically will help introduce international students to the current international student who can act as a mentor for them. I think this way the students will not feel isolated when they arrive at the university.


  • KYC- Know your Campus. Cambridge. Country.
    I will help in organizing campus tours so that students get familiarize with their surroundings. Proper guide for them that can help in setting up bank accounts, explore the market, solve the residential issues.


  • Organize Inception (International themed nights) 
    Inception will be a good platform for cultural exchange, for people of different ethnicity, languages to come together and showcase the same (Ex. Cultural dinners, fashion shows, dance fest). I think this will be a good way to engage students and create a cohesive international environment.  
    Inception is the name that I have thought of, we can of course conduct surveys and change the name.


  • Get yourself heard
    I will introduce monthly meetings or drop-in sessions where students can raise their concerns or give any feedback. I will ensure that the grievances/concerns are properly communicated to the right authority. 


To achieve all the above and be the voice for all the international students, I need your support. So please, vote for me(Ritambhara Vir Gupta) as your International Rep. (Cambridge). #UnitedWeStand #ManyCountriesOneARU