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Candidate for the position of Mental Health Rep (Cambridge)



Hiya everyone! My name is Alina clarke and I would love to be the Cambridge mental health rep. I am currently studying biomedical science In my first year at university and would love to be more involved in the community. During my time at sixth form I was also mental health rep for my school, I really enjoyed this job as it felt great to be voicing the problems and stigmas around mental health and how we can best help each other in understanding mental health better. I myself have had my own mental health struggles so I understand how very easily mental health can be misunderstood but I believe it is crucial for us all to be given a chance to be heard. 

I also think this would be a great role for me as it would help boost my confidence and get more involved in ARU, I'd love to try and improve my weaker spots and I feel this would be something I'd be passionate about and really get involved in.

overall I wish to give a better experience at ARU for the students and also provide a voice for us. Wether this is a support group or information hub or fundraisers, I want the student voice as involved as possible so that everyone feels apart of the community.

I hope everyone has a great academic year ,

A x