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Candidate for the position of International Rep (Cambridge)



Hello people, This is Lohith I am currently studying MBA at ARU Cambridge Campus. I am originally from India. I love watching the world through my lens, and love to help others, and travelling . I am standing for International Student representative because as a foreign student myself, I am well aware of the challenges you face coming to the UK. Integrating into a new society and finding new friends are just few  of the issues that international students to tackle which is where I would like to step in  to make your student life easy and enjoyable. 

Firstly, I will organise more activities where international students can meet up and socialise.Right now as there is pandemic going on which is disturbing everyone but I will try and ensure that everyone is interacted through a digital platform. My plan is to co-operate with the International Student Society to arrange cultural events that will take place once per month. The cultural events will be an opportunity for us to learn more about each others cultural background such as language, food, music and traditions.

Secondly, as a representative for the international students my priority would  be to make your voice be heard. I will be happy to receive any complaints you may have regarding your studies and I will do my best to solve them. 

If I am elected, I will increase the opportunities for international students to voice their concerns, find solutions, and work with the university to put those solutions in place.

All I wanna say is "I'll BE THERE FOR YOU".