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Candidate for the position of International Rep (Cambridge)



Bring Cultural Diversity Into Our University


My name is Tanay Bendre. I am currently studying Msc International Business Management at Cambridge campus. I am originally from India and I speak English, Hindi, Marathi fluently. Some of the hobbies I have are traveling, discussing political issues and making video on my own YouTube channel.

As a foreign student myself, I am aware of the challenges you face coming to the UK. To integrate into a new society and finding new friends are just a few examples of issues that international students try to tackle. That is why I am stepping in to make your student life easy and pleasant.

Firstly, I will organise more activities where international students can meet up and socialise. My plan is to cooperate with the International Student Society to arrange cultural events that will take place twice per month. The cultural events will be an opportunity for us to learn more about each others cultural background such as language, food, music and traditions.

Secondly, I will organize activities outside the university area. Since we live and study in Cambridge, we should explore all the city has to offer. Why not take a weekend off and go to a museum, concert or cinema in central London. Also, when the spring approaches and the weather in the UK slightly warmer we can have picnic.

Thirdly, I will take care of your personal needs. As a representative for the international students my priority is to make your voice heard. I will be happy to receive any complaints you may have regarding your studies and I will do my best to solve them. You are also free to evaluate my job as your representative and suggest how I can improve myself. 

Finally, what makes me an ideal candidate for this job? I have previous experience in dealing with student queries. I was elected as student representative for my Bachelor degree college in India. I am very ambitious which means that if I want to achieve something, I will do everything to get there.

So, please vote for me.