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Joshua Olasehinde


Who am I?

My name is Joshua Olasehinde, I am a third year business student looking to run for Anglia Ruskin’s Student Union President. I believe I would make a great president as I have a wide range of skills which I feel can be utilised in a way that can benefit Anglia Ruskin University and the Student Union.

Experience and Skills

I currently am an ambassador for the UK youth unemployment and a U.K youth representative for the British council. This has provided me with the tools such as public speaking, lateral thinking and strategic planning to help tackle issues affecting young people in our country. I did this through consulting businesses like MacDonald’s and charities like NCS and the British council internationalism section. Additionally, I help lobby policy makers in parliament with the All Party Parliamentary groups (A.P.P.G) meetings involving young people. I also learnt how to gather relevant data from projects I am currently involved with, from checking its accuracy to making sure that it's clean before progressing to perform market analysis. My interest in politics has led me to obtain a shadowing internship with Birmingham city council. The internship allowed me to experience what councilors and MP's do on a day to day basis. Since then, I have been involved with my previous university student union council where I was the B.A.M.E officer for 2 years. I am a member of the UK youth voice whereby I provide a range of youth participation services to young people in England so as we can influence public decision-making at a local and national level through consulting and organising campaigns.

Strongest skill

Confidence is something in which I pride myself in and believe that it is one of my strongest traits. I have no problem with approaching an individual to gain insight into their beliefs and opinions on topics whether I have previous relations with them or not. This can be seen through my current experience where I am shadowing Councillor Paulette Hamilton of Birmingham in order to gain insight into the actions which a Labour Councillor undertakes on a daily basis. Though this is only for a short period of time, it has been enough time for me to firm my interest in politics. From my experience it's clear how I am able to use opportunities that are presented to me and use my initiative and confidence to approach high members of the public to gain better opportunities for myself.

What I plan to do if elected

1. Inclusivity

I have a drive to make sure you truly feel connected to the university despite where you’re coming from. Anglia Ruskin is home to students who come from all over the world with a variety of cultures, age groups, experience, backgrounds and so much more. So, it is a must that I bear all students in mind as I lead the way as student president to bridge the gap among us.

2.Create Needed Dialogue & Effective Shifts Towards Mental Health Culture within university.

I’ve come across a range of issues some students have faced that I’m confident I can help bring a solution to. Without doubt the pandemic has played a huge impact in the lives of students and staff and their mental health. I’ve got many campaigns to bring about a shift in the mental space, physical space and last but not least for our environment. I am aware of some of the mental health partnerships the university has with outside organisations. As president I will be collaborating with them and will strategies on incorporating their services more into the university.

3.Bridging The Gap / Mind the Gap Not only raising awareness for the following gaps but working towards closing the gap.

Attainment gap, well being gap, int students gap, Receiving education is limitless and not only subjected to educational institutions. Inviting outsiders/insiders to speak and offer tips, lessons that they’ve acquired through life, experiences, careers, hobbies, practices can be so beneficial. I aim to create a platform where education is provided and received in a way that creates open dialogue, reflection and progressive life ‘alterations’.

Closing statement

As president, I’ll be working hard towards creating effective new avenues towards more inclusion within the university. I have a drive to make sure you truly feel connected to the university despite where you’re coming from. If given a chance I'd be completely dedicated to ensuring I do the job correctly and up to a good standard. My greatest assets I would enjoy bringing to this role is my ability to create strategic ideas and methods to execute plans. Combining my studies, personal experience and natural curiosity for politics and the economy, it provides infinite opportunities to try new things, improve old things and create everlasting change.

Thank you for reading my manifesto.