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Candidate for the position of S&E Faculty Rep (Cambridge)

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Moh Sufyaan

If you're reading this, you're invested in the future of our Faculty. One of the hundreds that will cast their ballot out of the thousands eligible to vote.

This time last year, I wrote an elegant manifesto with bold pledges. A pandemic rocked the world shortly thereafter. As such, much of my time in office has revolved around maintaining and improving existing support structures in this crisis, assisting with the provision of measures such as deadline extensions and protecting the work-life balance we need to live healthily.

As the pandemic draws to a close, I have since been able to begin launching the initiatives I set out to create, and will see to fruition if re-elected:

  • A support programme for Women and Black students to pursue Academia
  • Protection for the environment and those in it from new, common biohazards
  • Blood Donation events at Anglia Ruskin for those wishing to save lives
  • Extra lab time to make up for lost practical skills time

If you'd like to see these, vote for me.

Thank you for taking the time to consider re-electing me.