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Candidate for the position of Vice President (Science and Engineering)



Hello my fellow peers, my name is ShreeLakshmi and I am running as a candidate for the position of Vice president for Science and Engineering in the upcoming elections.

I have experience working as my course representative for a year and have done so with a lot of diligence. My colleagues think I have a great sense of humor and my positive attitude helps me bring a lot of energy to my role. I enjoy the feeling of helping the students and I want to take this to next level so that I can be the face of many more students. I am consistent when it comes to solving problems that my peers face on a day-to-day basis.

I really enjoy being involved in student life as I am persistent, and no matter how long it takes or how difficult the task, I put all my energy into everything I do.

I’m a caring leader and pledge to listen to your views before I make important decisions that matter to the Science and Engineering students as a whole.

Vote for me if you are ready for a change! Should you elect me, I won’t let you down.

What is it that I stand for?

Bonding and Networking

  • Building a better learning culture and helping develop more neighborhoods
  • I aim to work in collaboration with the sabbatical officers to promote more volunteering opportunities outside of the university which will help improve student engagement with the Student Union.


Education & Employability

  • I want to introduce pay for course representatives and more jobs inside college with minimum wages, as students struggling for part time jobs is a reality we live in at the moment.
  • Introduce more modules related to demanding s/w tools or technologies into UCPD courses.
  • We will create part time jobs by partnering with online teaching jobs.
  • I aim to strive for increased internship opportunities for Science & Engineering students.



  • Conducting Industry tours events and increasing the number of job fairs.
  • Response to the queries asked should be minimum. I would like to introduce a standard SLA to be adhered by the faculty to resolve the queries of students within 72 hours.


 Health and Wellbeing

  • I will be encouraging more online meetups among students with casual ice-breaker sessions which will help you get to know each other better and improve the student experience while studying at university during the Pandemic.
  • To detect any concerns, I will be pushing for regular phone/in-person checks. I will ensure that the university is in constant contact with all students, not just those isolated; tracking their well-being and particularly their mental health. In a typical year, traveling away from home can be difficult enough. We all need to look out for each other even more than usual in 2021


Education is something that always drives me to work more on being more creative and hardworking so putting forward myself into this role.

#A Vote for Me is a Vote for You, Vote Shree to Represent You!