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Candidate for the position of President



Hi all,

I am Vishal Rao Nadipelli currently in M.Sc. in Computer Science 2nd year and running in our SU elections 2021 for the role of President. My strong willingness to take ownership of ensuring students welfare and wellbeing are my motivation in meeting you all for this election. I have previously worked as student counselor in India which has strengthened my knowledge of the problems and challenges a student across all diaspora face in their day-to-day life. The entrepreneurial mindset enabled me to create my own successful startup in the event management industry which has organized multiple live events which have increased my planning and organizational skills manifold. I appeal to all the voters to select me as your president for me to stand by all your celebrations, student life, health and wellbeing. Below are the major initiatives I aim to take up and implement when I take up the role of president.


  • To make professors contact students 10 days before the assignment to enquire if they require any assistance
  • To create a consolidated schedule for pickup of international students to be spread out across a minimum period of 2 weeks instead just 1 day
  • To create a placement cell with a pool of start-up’s and corporate companies to create more employment opportunities
  • Improve the onboarding resources for new students to access online related to NI number, Opening Bank account and other resources for student’s welfare.
  • Incorporate sports and wellbeing modules into the UCPD courses for the students across all the courses for extra credits
  •  To make SU partner with Pubs/ restaurants /supermarkets to give exclusive student discounts.
  • To create a platform for students from UG& PG courses to share their feedbacks regarding their student experience and University life. to help their mental health and wellbeing
  • Establish a 24/7 support center to help isolated students and vulnerable students with their food and accommodation to be funded by charities and fundraising events


I pledge to stand by the students for your welfare in light of any new challenges or problems that may arise