Useful Resources



Useful Resources


Here are a list of key resources you might need to use both as part of the Creative Minds project or as an individual or start-up looking to advertise your skills. If you are looking for a specific document but you cannot find it, please email us and we can help. 


Professional Document Templates:

Invoice Template

CV Template

Cover Letter Template

For more employability resources, please visit the University Employability Service



Upload an Opportunity  - Fill out this survey to advertise a creative opportunity. 

Registration and Opportunity Form (for Organisations) Organisations can use this form to register with us and advertise voluntary creative opportunities to students. 
Multiple Opportunity Form (for Organisations) - Organisations can use this form to advertise multiple voluntary creative opportunities to ARU students. 


If you are a student and you would like to advertise your creative event to other students, you can upload events to your Creative Minds Profile or you can email us!

Articles and Websites:

University Arts Council - Find out how your creative project could gain funding from the University Arts Council!
'Creative Industries Career Tips' - The Guardian, 2016. 
Shakespeare Solos - The Guardian - Listen to famous actors perform soliloquies from Shakespeare's works. 

'7 Basics To Create A Good Design Brief' - Cameron Chapman,, March 2011.  - An online portal for all student theatre in Cambridge. Use this resource to find roles in local student theatre. 
BBC Radio 1's Academy - A website providing advice, resources and workshops for individuals looking to work in creative industries. Workshops are for young people ages 16-19 but resources and advice are available for all. 
Anglia Ruskin SU Tumblr - Have your articles, stories, blog posts and artistic work showcased on the SU Tumblr page. Simply email us to upload your work. 
Creative Minds Spotlight - Fill out this short questionnaire and we will write a spotlight article about you/your start-up!

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