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We are a martial art club exclusively for Anglia Ruskin University, where we offer qualified fitness training, help boosting confidence and learn useful self-defence skills. The club will cater for those simply looking to improve fitness as well as those interested in competing against other universities, as well as in other regional and national events.  You have the opportunity of training with professional, qualified martial artists that will show you how to improve all aspects of your martial arts skills.


  • Be part of a club that cares about your fitness and wellbeing, as well as its strong social aspect
  • Have a say – ARUKBC is run by a committee who are always willing to listen to suggestions you may have on the running of the club
  • Dedicated supervised sparring sessions are run on some Saturdays giving you the opportunity to practice techniques learnt in class.


IMPORTANT: Anglia Ruskin University Kickboxing Club is required by the Student Union to ensure that all student members have a Sports Federation Card, so if you wish to become a member you must obtain one of these from the SU before attending.

ARUKBC Training

Membership to ARUKBC will allow you access to the ARU exclusive training session on Saturdays from 4pm - 6pm, to be held in Fenners gallery in the Kelsey Kerridge gym located near the university.

Typically, these training sessions will involve the following:

- A warmup, composing of abdominal exercises, push ups, and the stretches necessary to increase kick flexibility. The warmup will be run as a group, and led by a qualified CARISMA trainer.

- The warmup will the be followed by training a series of kickboxing techniques, again led by a CARISMA trainer. These techniques will require the use of boxing gloves, gum shields, foot pads, and shin pads. There will be some available for use initially, however, if you are planning on training regularly it is HIGHLY recommended that you purchase and bring your own. (boxing gloves and tape can be found here for purchase using your books plus funds. Any weight gloves from 10oz - 16oz can be used for training, however for any organised fights you will require 10oz gloves.)


CARISMA training

If you wish to kickboxing regularly, it is HIGHLY advised that you also join CARISMA kickboxing to supplement your training. Carisma as a club was established in 1999, and is one of the longest running and most successful martial arts clubs in Cambridge. More information about CARISMA can be found here.

Membership to carisma will allow you to train far more regularly compared to training with ARUKBC alone - up to 5 times a week.

CARISMA trains on four days a week, approximately 51 weeks a year:

Day Time (PM) Location Type of training
Mon 6:30-8:30 Gym at North Cambridge Academy (formerly know as the Manor Community College) Sparring training and coaching
Tues 6:15-8:00 Fenners Gallery at Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall Techniques, pairs training, pad work
Thurs 6:15-8:00 Fenners Gallery at Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall Techniques, pairs training, pad work
Sun 5:00-7:00 Fenners Gallery at Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall Techniques, pairs training, pad work


Combined with the ARUKBC training assisted by CARISMA trainers, this totals 9 and a half hours training a week (assuming all sessions are attended). With the format that these sessions use, you are guaranteed to see a large increase in fitness, flexibility, and confidence.

The cost for CARISMA membership can be found below, with a more detailed breakdown here.

The cheapest way to join will be to utilise the student discount offered by carisma at £20 a month - this will enable you to train at any time during term, perfect for any students who travel home over holidays. With this membership, ARUKBC membership, and attending all training sessions, results in a cost equivalent to £0.53 an hour.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the ARUKBC committee please feel free to approach one of the current committee members for more information.

The current committee members are:

  • President — Euan
  • Administrator — Tom
  • Captain — Burkay

Contact Information

If you require any more information, feel free to contact Euan by emailing

Please also check our facebook page



Discounted Contracts

The most cost-effective way to train with Carisma is to subscribe via a Direct Debit contract, for three months or more. Contract subscriptions benefit from a significant discount and longer contracts get still better rates. Best of all, the contracts are fixed-rate for their duration, so even if fees increase, you’ll pay what you signed up for and not a penny more.

Length of contract

3 months

6 months

8 months

12 months






Full-time student





Standard contract





Undergraduate rates are available to all University students, entitling them to train with Carisma only during term time (e.g. 24-30 weeks per year with Christmas and terms breaks).

Full-time student rates are available to any student (including University) and entitles them to train both in and out of term time.

Standard contract applies to all people that do not fit in one of the above categories.


We don't have anything planned right now but check back soon!





  • Kickboxing - Cambridge Standard Membership£10.00

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