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Deciding to rent a house is a big deal and has a lot of legal implications that comes with it.
We're here to make sure you don't jump into any big decisions and make sure you're confident every step of the way.

  • How to rent a home
  • Budget
  • Housemate quiz
  • Where to live quiz
  • Renting contracts
  • Rights as a tenant
  • Moving out checklist


We suggest you start by using Studentpad, the official Anglia Ruskin University student accommodation search engine. Studentpad lets you search for student houses, student homes, housing, flats and lodgings in Cambridge, Chelmsford, Peterborough and the UK. Find your perfect student house with Studentpad today! A popular external website is Student Housing.

Want to live in halls? The Anglia Ruskin University Accommodation service can help.

We’re fighting for better quality accommodation and fairer treatment for student tenants


The ‘Where My Rent Went’ campaign aims to make sure that all students at ARU know and understand their rights as tenants and make sure that all landlords are acting fairly and efficiently when you have concerns. 

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