What happens if I fail?

What happens if I fail?*


If you fail a module or did not submit work, don’t panic- you're allowed a second attempt which will receive a maximum grade (capped grade) of 40%. The university decides when this reassessment will take place, and which methods of reassessment will be used. If this was because of an illness or unexpected event at the time of your assessment, you can apply for Exceptional Circumstances. If your Exceptional Circumstances claim is successful you are permitted a further initial or reassessment opportunity, whichever is relevant.


When a student fails either a 15 or 30 credit module the following will apply:


(a) to retake the same module (compulsory or optional) including attending teaching, this result will be capped at 40%.


(b) optional modules can be replaced with alternative modules (to include teaching) at the same level. Details of this

can be found on the relevant Course Specification Form. The result for this will not be capped.


Students cannot retake/ replace more than 30 credits at any one level, or 60 credits across the course.


How is work re-assessed?

The Departmental Assessment Panel decides the type and timing of re-assessment. This will usually be a resit of the failed element(s) but an alternative method will be provided if needed.

You can be required to retake the entire module with attendance (with teaching). You can also request to attend classes before resitting or resubmitting elements from a failed module.

The Faculty Awards Board determines the earliest appropriate re-assessment point. You can find details of this on Evision. For clarification speak to a university student Adviser.


Download our leaflet for more information



Student progression

Students are required to achieve a minimum number of credits in order to move to the next level of study. In the event you have not achieved the required credits to progress, a Retrieval package will be created to manage the outstanding modules at your current level


What happens if I fail a module? (Click to expand)

You are allowed two attempts at a module.  You will fail the module if you did not submit work for the first attempt. However, you will be allowed a second attempt which will be capped at 40%.


If you have personal circumstances adversely affecting you at the time of assessment, you can ask a Student Adviser for an extension and/or apply for Exceptional Circumstances or Late Exceptional Circumstances. If your Exceptional Circumstances is successful it will give you another attempt. Please note extensions must be requested before the deadline. See the section on Exceptional Circumstances, below.


If you fail your two allowed attempts at a 15 or 30 credit module you will be allowed: 


Either (a) to retake the same module (compulsory or optional) with attendance and will have two attempts. However, both attempts are capped at 40%. 


Or (b) if the failed module is an optional module, to replace it with an alternative module (with attendance) at the same level from the list of optional modules in the relevant Course Specification Form. You will have two attempts but in this case the first attempt is not capped.


NB: These options are not available if the failed module is the Major project.


Criteria: Maximum value of re-taken and replacement modules is 30 credits at any one level and 60 credits in total for the Course (for courses of more than 120 credits).


NB: this regulation only applies to modules of 15 or 30 credits.


What if I feel I failed due to Exceptional Circumstances? (Click to expand)

If something unexpected happens to you or a close family member, such as a serious personal illness or accident which affects your ability to attend an exam or submit work for assessment, you can submit an Exceptional Circumstances claim within five working days after the date of the exam or assessment submission date. Forms submitted after this date will be classed as late and you will have to explain and provide evidence to show why you did not complete the form within five working days. If you need advice about completing an Exceptional Circumstances Form you can seek help from a University Student Adviser or a Students Union Adviser. You will need to provide clear, convincing and time-relevant evidence of your circumstances and explain how you have been affected. Remember that if your Exceptional Circumstances is accepted, the mark for the element for which you have added to your paperwork will be annulled, whether it was a pass or a fail and you will have to be re-assessed in that element.

What if I am discontinued and want to return? (Click to expand)

If you are discontinued and think you have grounds to appeal seek advice from your Students’ Union Advice Service Adviser. 

If you wish to return to your studies later remember that a student who has been discontinued from a course by a Faculty Awards Board is not permitted to re-apply to the same course or new course until at least six months have passed between the date of discontinuation and the date of the application for re-admission. 

Other criteria also apply to re-admission. Ask a Student Adviser, Course Group Leader or Students’ Union Advice Service for more information.


*Information correct at time of publication

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