What if I need an extension?

What if I need an extension?*

Managing your deadlines


It is important that as a student you learn how to manage your assignment deadlines.


Your Personal Tutor or the  Study Skills Plus service can help you with various techniques to manage your deadlines effectively. However, we know that sometimes things happen which affect your ability to perform well or prevent you from submitting your work.


If this happens you may be able to request a short term extension (10 working days). Please bear in mind that needing an extension should be a rare occurrence. If you regularly find yourself needing longer you must speak with your Personal Tutor or our Study Skills Plus team to avoid this having a negative impact on your course.


Short-term extensions are authorised by a university Student Adviser if you meet the criteria. You can see the criteria and apply for a short-term extension below.


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Apply for a short-term extension


Keeping your Faculty informed

It is in your best interests to tell your Faculty if you are experiencing difficulties. The acamdemic regulations on extensions  are there to help students promptly before problems get worse.  Speak to a University Student Adviser who can give you specific advice on extensions for your course.

Acceptable reasons for a short term extension

• Short-term illness

• Short-term illness of any person for whom you have responsibility of care

• Authorised absence from the University during teaching weeks

• Change in employment circumstances at short notice

• Other reasons considered acceptable by the Faculty Student Adviser.


Reasons which are not accepted

However, there are circumstances that will not be considered, for example:

• Academic workload

• Misreading information re submission deadlines

• Computer, disc, printer or any other technical failure for which you are responsible (you are required to keep a copy of your work)

• Unauthorised absence from the University (e.g. holiday taken during teaching weeks).


You should attach the Extension Authorisation Form to the assignment when submitting it.


In exceptional cases, long term extensions of up to one year may be granted and these are considered jointly by a university Student Adviser and Director of Studies. The grounds for such extensions would relate to personal or professional difficulties and all requests are considered on a confidential basis.