Celebrating Success

Here we celebrate the achievements of our Officers and students, and recognise the effort you put in to making ARU a better place for everyone! 


Pronoun Badges Campaign


Your LGBT+ Rep Niamh Cubitt and Trans Rep Michael Turner have been working hard to get this campaign off the ground. They have released these pronoun badges as a way to include all students irregardless of gender.


A massive well done to Michael and Niamh!


Pick up your badges from reception! 


You can keep up with this campaign here. 






Best Night Out/Best Night In Campaign


This 2018/19 campaign is being run by your Vice President of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences Amanda Campbell-White and your Vice President of Science & Engineering, Matt Hayes. They were inspired by working in the pub and night life scene to bring you a safe zone to have fun in, and to learn about the risks involved with nights out. 


A big well done to Amanda and Matt for bringing you safe nights out! 


You can keep up with their campaign here. 




Body Positivity Campaign


This 2018/19 campaign is being run by your Vice President for Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences, Amanda Campbell-White. 


She held a successful Body Positivity Showcase where students performed in The Academy to celebrate their bodies. 


A big well done to Amanda for campaigning for such a great cause! 


You can follow Amanda's campaign here. 




Carers Awareness Campaign 


This 2018/19 campaign is being run by your Vice President of Business & Law, Mary Copsey. 


Mary has been working closely with a number of charities and organisations, including Mind, Vibrance, and Dementia Friends, in order to raise awareness of young student carers. She has run several Become a Dementia Friend training sessions alongside the charity. As part of this campaign, she has also managed to encourage the start of the Parents in Education society in Cambridge! 


A massive well done to Mary for all her hard work on this campaign! 


You can keep up with what Mary is doing for Carers Awareness here. 








Student Spaces 


We got our own student spaces!


We have 92 in Chelmsford, which is located in the Tindal building. This is a great place where you can hang out with your friends or society members, get some work done, order a burger and have a drink! We also run events here such as quiz nights, so come down and check it out! 


In Cambridge, we have some space on the ground floor of the Peter Taylor Building where you can chill out, get some revision in or work on your assignments, and bring your friends or society members to hang out. We also run events here, and the area is often taken over by numerous society events, so make sure you come along and check it out!


These spaces are made for you so do make use of them! Whether you're an undergraduate, postgraduate, mature, international, full-time or part-time student, these spaces were created with you in mind, and nothing makes us happier than seeing you all enjoying yourselves there!