Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus 19

We are monitoring the unfolding situation of the Coronavirus carefully and are adhering to Public Health England guidance. It’s important to remember the risk to the UK population is currently low. We are aware that students may be worried or have concerns about a whole range of issues related to the virus. If you have a concern that you would like answered, please ask your question below. We will respond to all queries individually. Please note that your query may require a response that is outside our immediate control so there may be a delay in responding to some queries.
We would highly recommend your keep an eye on your student emails at this time and follow the Anglia Ruskin University on social media. ARU are also regularly updating the ARU Student News blog with the latest updates.

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Your Wellbeing

If you feel anxious or are worried about the situation you can visit ARU's Health and Wellbeing pages. Your health and wellbeing is important to us so it’s important to utilise everything we have to offer during difficult times. You can also contact your Faculty as well as our Counselling and Wellbeing team. Please make sure you talk to them about any worries you may have and take the time to support your friends.



Will students in their final year of study be granted Tier 4 visa extensions to find UK graduate employment?

Anyone whose leave expired after the 24 January and who cannot leave the country because of travel restrictions or self-isolation will have their visas extended to 31 May 2020. Individuals must contact the Coronavirus Immigration Team email to advise of their situation on or phone 0800 678 1767 (open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm – calls are free of charge if made from within the UK) and to check first as that is the central source of information.

If you complete your studies before your Tier 4 visa expires you will not be able to extend your Tier 4 visa. If you would like to remain in the UK to work, you can check to see if you meet the requirements to switch to Tier 2:

You will need sponsorship by a Licensed Employer:

You can also find information about other categories, the process and requirements here:


For more information in regards to Tier 4 visas, please see information here:


How will group assignments be marked given the lack of ability to coordinate?

All CW/Coursework type assessments for Trimester 2 have been given a 2 week extended deadline. PR/Practical assessments vary in delivery and submission type, these will either be given a revised task and date or a 10 day extra revised deadline on an individual task basis. Group work could fall under either assessment type.  If you have a query about a particular piece of work, please raise this with your module leader in the first instance. Extension and mitigation requests will still be possible if you have further difficulties despite any task and deadline revisions.


What support is available to students struggling financially due to COVID-19?

The university has increased their hardship fund provision, in response to the coronavirus COVID-19 situation, to include a new laptop bursary hardship grants and provision of emergency loans. You can find more information about the hardship fund provision here:


Will the face-to-face teaching resume in Trimester 3?

No, the university have taken the decision to deliver Trimester 3 (starting 11 May 2020) teaching, support and assessment online. All students will be able to complete their courses and earn their awards. The university will fully support all students’ wellbeing, engagement and progress through online resources and communications.


I’ve left my student accommodation, do I still have to pay rent?

All students who left their ARU owned and managed accommodation are allowed to terminate their tenancy agreement with effect from 31 March, so that they are not charged rent thereafter.

If you would like to terminate your agreement, please email either (Cambridge) or (Chelmsford) before 23:59 on 29 March.

The second contract release date is 30 April, you will need to confirm it with Residential Services Team by 23:50 on 28 April.

For information on other Accommodation queries, please visit the Accomodation FAQ on


I live in CB1/Railyard.  What should I do about my rent?  Who should I speak to?

For students living in CB1 or the Railyard in Cambridge, your rental payments are due to the owners of those properties, and not to ARU.  We anticipate these owners being in touch with you if they have not done so already to explain their position on refunds and future charges.  Residential Services will be contacting them as well, to do what they can to ensure consistency of treatment with ARU owned accommodation.

For information on other Accommodation queries, please visit the Accomodation FAQ on


I live in private rented accommodation.  What should I do?

Your tenancy is between you and the landlord of the property you live in, and you should contact them in the first instance to see what arrangements they have in place for charging when the property is empty.  ARU will be working with local landlords, to see what help and support they can provide to you, although they are under no legal obligation to break tenancies, refund monies and/or waive future charges.  That is a decision for them.

For information on other Accommodation queries, please visit the Accomodation FAQ on


I have had to travel home and left my possessions in university accommodation. Do I have to clear my room of possessions?

If possible, students should clear their room of possessions as soon as possible, and before 31 March. However, under the current government guidance, Residential Services acknowledge that this is now highly unlikely.

Residential Services are therefore making arrangements to ensure that students’ possessions are properly secured so that they can be collected later in the year (before the summer break) when we hope that the current lockdown arrangements will have passed.

If, at the end of the summer term those lockdown arrangements continue to be in force, Residential Services will make sure possessions are properly secured so that they can be collected at some point after that.’

For information on other Accommodation queries, please visit the Accomodation FAQ on


Can we get an extension for our assignments?

All deadlines have been automatically extended by 10 days. If you require any further extensions please contact the Student Advice Service:  or book an appointment with one of Students’ Union Advisors:


Will the graduation in July 2020 take place?

Graduation scheduled for July will not go ahead as planned, and will be rearranged as soon as practicable.


How can I access library and IT services from home?

The library team is offering support online, you can access online resources, speak to Subject Librarians and book a virtual appointment. There's more information and resources on the ARU Library website. You can use the remote desktop software VMware Horizon: to access all resources available on library computers.

The IT services are available for extended hours from 9:00am until 00.00am each night. The number to call is 01245 68 4357.


What support is provided to support students’ mental health?

As always, your health and wellbeing is paramount. You can contact your Faculty or Counselling and Wellbeing team and use the information shared on our Health and Wellbeing web pages. Please make sure you talk to your loved ones on a regular basis.

Counselling is on offer by phone or video call; register online for an appointment.

There are also sources of support and information that can help, such as Every Mind Matters.

Finally, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy has written an excellent blog full of great hints and tips on how to manage anxiety around the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.


Will Students’ Union run online activities to students?

Yes! We are planning to run a weekly online quiz and regular skills workshops. Societies have already started organising different online activities. Please check the SU what’s on calendar for all online events:

Do you know about any exciting online events? Let us know on


What happens to my lectures, seminars and assessments after Monday 23rd March?

From Monday 23 March, ARU will move to online teaching, support and assessment. Arrangements regarding any coursework, assessments or examinations due before the end of the trimester will be confirmed soon. Until further notice, all examinations under controlled conditions will be replaced by alternative forms of assessment that students can complete individually and submit electronically. All students will be supported online to complete all modules currently underway, and may return home to do so, or may remain on campus. If you decide to return home please complete this form any time after 1pm today.


Will the campus remain open?

All our campuses and facilities are now closed. There is an emergency access to IT facilities on both campuses in the Bloomberg Lab (Chelmsford) and in the Helmore building (Cambridge). The univeristy and the Students' Union continue providing services to students online. 


I have flu-like symptons, what should I do?

If you have flu-like symptoms (fever above 37.8C or a new and persistent cough) you should self-isolate (stay at home, away from other people) for 14 days. If you are being tested for the Coronavirus, or have already been diagnosed, please complete this form. This will automatically notify your Faculty. If you have been in close contact with someone with a confirmed case of coronavirus COVID-19 contact NHS 111 online coronavirus service. If you are instructed to self-isolate please complete this form. This will automatically notify your Faculty.


I have purchased a ticket for SU Awards, what should I do?

The SU Awards event is currently postponed until further notice. We will still continue to shortlist for the awards as planned but the physical event will be moved to a later date. We will be in touch shortly with ticketholders to let them know what their ticket options are. We hope to run this event before the end of the academic year and will be in touch as soon as we have further guidance.


My society/group have organised events that are coming up. Should we cancel?

We recommend that your groups cease running activities and events where possible and hold committee meetings online/via group chats instead. If you have guest speaker events scheduled in for next week onwards, these should not go ahead – please speak to your coordinator about postponing these events. If your group has an event or activity coming up that has a financial cost implication (e.g. you have paid for tickets or venue hire or members have paid a fee), please speak to the Activities team before cancelling or postponing your event. Please do not cancel or postpone anything that will mean you have to issue refunds or pay a cancellation fee without approval from the Activities team first.