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All good ideas start with a conversation 

This is your platform to enable you to create real change in your university. We know that there are some great things about Anglia Ruskin that you probably want to see more of, but also some areas that need improving or changing. This is your platform to do this.


So, how does it work?

1. First of all, submit your idea 

2. Get your mates to give your idea at least 25 likes within 2 weeks

3. Once you hit this, your idea is turned into a Big Idea and taken to your Executive Officer Team to take forward with you.


As long as your idea is something the Students’ Union is able to work with (we can’t help you get free McDonalds every Monday, for example), and depending on its complexity (or controversy, we do like a bit controversy…) it is then taken to one of the following groups:

  • Executive Committee
  • The Ideas Forum
  • A Student Members meeting 

Providing it is not something that has already been done before, negatively affects other students or staff, or is simply just too outrageous, then we will get in touch with you to figure out what our next steps will be together

We will then put the idea into action and regularly monitor its progress and keep everyone updated as regularly as we can


It might be that your idea should become a Students’ Union policy. If a policy is passed at Student Council or an All Student Meeting we are mandated to work by it. If this is the case, don’t worry, we will help you put that together.

So, what are you waiting for? Get submitting ideas and get liking any others that you think are important!



I've got no idea!

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    A Student’s Guide to Renting Private Accommodation

      I am amongst hundreds of students who have had bad experiences renting private accommodation either from private landlords or through estate agents. It is my view that students are taken advantage of by rogue landlords. Please support me as I create a guide full of tips for students looking to rent privately. The guide will cover the importance of READING A TENANCY AGREEMENT BEFORE SIGNING, how to avoid walking into your tenancy blindly and being aware of your rights as tenants.
    Caliana Jakes
    4:11pm on 6 Feb 18 I'd be happy to help on this!

    I've got no idea!


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