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MAD Winners 2014

The 2014 Awards ceremony took place at the beautiful Geogian Manor House, Fennes in Essex. 

Kerstin Hacker

Pam Smy 

Jane Martin

Daragh McDermott

Christine Such 

Karen Bartholomew

Sarah Hart

Julie Chalder-Mills

Nigel Henderson

Sooriyamohan Mo

Alex Rider

Kar Yik Dang


Pam Smy, ALSS
Jane Martin, ALSS
Kerstin Hacker, ALSS
Karen Bartholomew, FHSCE
Hazel Boutel, FHSCE
Julie Chalder-Mills, FHSCE
Christine Such, FHSCE
Nigel Henderson, FHSCE
Sarah Hart, FST
Philip Pugh, FST
Daragh McDermott, FST
Karen Charlton, Student Services


Janelle Khan
David Thornhill
Kar Yik Dang
Alex Rider
Dani Mansfield
Sooriyamohan Mohanakumar
Mariya Atanasova
Nadine Warnakula

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Made a Difference Awards are student led, co-ordinated by the Students’ Union, and are all about students recognising fantastic, inspirational and life-changing Anglia Ruskin Staff. What makes a truly amazing student experience is identified through the nominations and this feedback contributes to improving all areas of our University.

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