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We are delighted to announce the shortlist for the 2020 Made a Difference Awards.

Excellent Module Award

Contemporary Medical Diagnostics (Science & Engineering)

Enterprise Analytics (Science & Engineering)

Evidance Based Policing (Science & Engineering)

Laboratory Techniques in Applied Bioscience (Science & Engineering)

Letterpress & Relief Print (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences)

Neuropsychology (Science & Engineering)

Newborn Infant Physical Examination (Health, Education, Medicine & Social Care)

Recognising & Responding to the Acutely Ill Patient (Health, Education, Medicine & Social Care)

The United States in the Twentieth Century (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences)

Wellbeing Across the Life Course in a Diverse Society (Health, Education, Medicine & Social Care)


Excellent Teaching Award

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Sean Baker - Associate Lecturer

Stephen Oxnard - Associate Lecturer 

Tina Kendall - Principal Lecturer

Veronique Chance - Senior Lecturer

ARU London

Carmelita Charles - Lecturer

Silvia Duedal - Lecturer

Sonia Ozkaya - Lecturer

Thomas Farnsworth - Lecturer

Business & Law

Ben Reynolds - Lecturer

Egle Dagilyte - Senior Lecturer

Helga Hejny - Senior Lecturer

Rob Willis - Reader

Science & Engineering

Alan Coday - Principal Lecturer

Jacob Dunn - Senior Lecturer

Nery Garcia Porta - Lecturer

Philip Pugh - Senior Lecturer

Health, Education & Medical Sciences

Eleni Lithari - Senior Lecturer

Elliott Bird - Senior Lecturer

Jennifer Rafter - Deputy Head of School

Tara Jakes - Senior Lecturer


Inclusivity Award

Ioannis Kypraios - Senior Lecturer (Science & Engineering)

Peter Akinsowon - Lecturer (ARU London)

Rebecca Rowntree - Senior Lecturer (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences)

Sarah Hart - Senior Lecturer (Science & Engineering)


Outstanding Personal Tutor Award

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Aimee Neaverson - Senior Lecturer

Liz Bradbury - Deputy Head of School

Tina Burton - Senior Lecturer

Veronique Chance - Senior Lecturer

ARU London

Andrew Johnson - Lecturer

Rose Makam - Lecturer

Ursula Hennessy - Lecturer

Alexis Dunstan - Lecturer

Business & Law

Anna Paraskevopoulou - Senior Lecturer

Imko Meyenburg - Senior Lecturer

Stephanie Russell - Principal Lecturer

Sunrita Dhar Bhattacharjee - Principal Lecturer

Science & Engineering

Alvin Helden - Deputy Head of School

Havovi Chichger - Senior Lecturer

Ioannis Kypraios - Senior Lecturer

Kyprianos Georgiou - Lecturer

Health, Education & Medical Sciences

Gerald Egbury - Senior Lecturer

Louise Brown - Senior Lecturer

Oliver Smith - Clinical Skills Tutor Paramedic Science

Sara Smith - Senior Lecturer


Outstanding Supervisor Award

Aimee Neaverson - Senior Lecturer (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences)

Alan Coday - Principal Lecturer (Science & Engineering)

Colette Paul - Senior Lecturer (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences)

Dan Gordon - Principal Lecturer (Science & Engineering)

James Sullivan - Director of Studies (Science & Engineering)

John Gardner - Professor of English Literature (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences)

Liam Kite - Senior Lecturer (Science & Engineering)

Nicholas Jeeves - Lecturer (Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences)

Paulette Luff - Principal Lecturer (Health, Education & Medical Sciences)


Professional Services Award

Eleanor Newton - Student Ambassador Coordinator (Corporate Marketing)

Jane Shelley - Subject Librarian (Library)

Kevin Bright - Senior Technician (Science & Engineering)

Marcia Baldry - Entrepreneurship Support Manager (Student Services)

Hannah Durham - Senior Lecturer Practitioner (Health, Education & Medical Sciences)


Special Recognition Award

Alan Coday - Principal Lecturer (Science & Engineering)

Jennifer Rafter - Deputy Head of School (Health, Education & Medical Sciences)

Laura Adley - Deputy Head of School (Health, Education & Medical Sciences)

Philip Pugh - Senior Lecturer (Science & Engineering)

Sharon Ferrie - Acting Deputy Head of School (Health, Education & Medical Sciences)


Student Staff Partnership Award

Amanda Wagg - Senior Lecturer (Health, Education & Medical Sciences)

Andrea Higgon - Clinical Skills Tutor (Health, Education & Medical Sciences)

Charlotte Nevison - Deputy Director Doctoral School (Research & Innovation Development Office)

Deborah Caws - Senior Lecturer Practitioner (Health, Education & Medical Sciences)

Gerald Egbury - Senior Lecturer (Health, Education & Medical Sciences)

Jade Moore - Senior Lecturer (Health, Education & Medical Sciences)

Julia Carr - Senior Lecturer (Health, Education & Medical Sciences)

Kanwar Virdee - Senior Lecturer in Medical Sciences (Health, Education & Medical Sciences)

Linda Cooper - Senior Research Fellow (Health, Education & Medical Sciences)

Mary Margaret Wickham - Academic Support (ARU London)

Made a Difference Awards are student led, co-ordinated by the Students’ Union, and are all about students recognising fantastic, inspirational and life-changing Anglia Ruskin Staff. What makes a truly amazing student experience is identified through the nominations and this feedback contributes to improving all areas of our University.

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