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Are you unhappy with your results? You might have grounds to appeal*

*Appeal = Apply to the university to reverse their decision.



Click on the questions below to find out more information.

“On what grounds can I appeal?”

You have the right to appeal against the decision of the Anglia Ruskin Awards board on the following grounds;

  • That there has been a material administrative error
  • That the assessment(s) was not conducted in accordance with the Academic Regulations.
  • That some other material irregularity has occurred..

“What can’t I appeal against?”

You cannot appeal against the decision of the Awards Board:;

  • If you are disagreeing with the academic judgement of the Awards Board.

“How do I submit an appeal?”

You are strongly encouraged to see a Students’ Union Adviser for advice before submitting an appeal, they will talk you through your situation to help determine if you have grounds to appeal or not. They will also look at what evidence you have to support your submission of an appeal. You have 25 working days from the date of the awards board to submit an appeal. More information on the academic regulations about appeals and the correct form to use please click here.


“What evidence must I prove to support an appeal?”

It is important to submit relevant evidence to support your appeal, this could be in the form of email correspondence, module guides, placement books or other documentation from the university. If you are unsure what to submit with your appeal forms please speak to a Students’ Union Adviser first. The Academic Register can also ask for further evidence once the appeal has been submitted from either students and/or University staff.


“What happens after I have submitted my appeal?”

  • The Academic Registrar views your appeal and determines if you have or haven’t got grounds to appeal.
  • Your Director of Studies is then given your appeal form and evidence for investigation.
  • If your Director of Studies agrees that there is grounds for an appeal the Academic Registrar upholds your appeal and the decision will be confirmed to you in 10 working days.
  • If your Director of Studies wishes to contest the appeal, you will be invited to an Internal Resolution meeting within 20 working days of submitting your appeal. It is important to engage with this process to support your appeal, the Students’ Union Advisers can prepare you and attend this meeting with you.
  • At this meeting the DoS is able to contest and reject your appeal or they can uphold your appeal. You will be notified in either cases within 10 working days of the internal resolution meeting.
  • If the appeal has been rejected you have the right to request that your appeal is heard at an Appeals Hearing, provided that
  • You have engaged with the internal resolution process
  • Additional evidence not submitted at the time of the original appeal form is submitted to the academic registry. .

“How can I request an Appeal Panel Hearing?”

If you wish to proceed to an appeal panel hearing, please ensure you seek advice from a Students’ Union Adviser. They can help determine if you have grounds to request an appeal panel hearing and will be able to support you by attending the panel hearing with you.;

  • You must write to the Academic Registrar within 15 working days of your original outcome with further evidence and request to go to an appeal panel hearing.
  • The Academic Registry sets a date for the panel hearing and invites all those involved, this should happen not less than 10 working days after your request or more than 30 working days after your request.
  • You are strongly encouraged to be familiar with section 9 of the academic regulations covering appeal, a Students’ Union Adviser can explain anything you are not sure about to make sure you make the right decisions at this stage.

“What happens at the Appeals Panel?”

The panel, made up of a member of the Academic Regulations Subcommittee, an academic member of staff not in your faculty and a student represented as nominated from the students’ union. They can decide on the following outcomes:

  • Uphold the appeal in your favour
  • Dismiss the appeal and reject your grounds for appeal.
If you are still not satisfied with the outcome of your appeal, when you receive the ‘completion of procedures’ letter from the university you are entitled to take the matter further with the OIA, more guidance can be found here.


If you think you have grounds to appeal your results, we can support you through your next steps. Book an appointment with our Adviser here.


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