“Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have."

This page of our Liberation Hub is here for you to use if you are a Parent or Carer and would like some resources or guidance, or if you are looking for ways to get involved in the Union. Even if you're not a Parent or Carer but you are looking to support you friends or family who are, then you're in the right place!


If we've missed anything or you have an initiative or suggestion for us to add to this page, then please send it to one of our coordinators on


Films, Documentaries, Podcasts, Books, Series, you name it! Here's some things that we'd suggest to watch, read or listen to if you're in the mood to feel empowered*
*Some of the content may not be suitable for children

Things to watch...

These are some films, documentaries and series' that are available on all major streaming platforms. Some of these we have been watching as an SU Team to help us learn more about the experiences of those who are parents and/or carers. From Disney to comedies, there is something below for everyone.

Click the image below to watch (you may need a Netflix/Amazon prime account)

brave film posterlife of the party film posterparental guidance film posterwonder film poster  

Things to read...

Feeling like you've got compassion fatigue? Are you wanting to learn new things about parenting? Then take a look at our book selection below.

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be the noodle care giving book coverit takes a village book coverall joy and no fun book cover

Things to listen to...

In this selection of recommended podcasts there is something for everyone. Whether you are a caregiver and need a break, a new parent experiencing new adventures or wanting to know what other people like you are going through, then have a listen to the below podcasts. 

Click the image below to listen

hop for the caregiver podcasthappy mum happy baby podcastdads podcast


Click on the questions below to find out more information.

“How can I get involved?”

Care for Carers provides a support group/network to those who are carers. They also have a list of organisations on their website that offers care giving services.  


The NHS provides a support page with a guide to carers benefits and advice. If you are a carer then take a look for more information. 

Bliss are an organisation that support parents. They have a webpage with a list of charities and organisations that can support parents with children of any age. 

“What else is out there?"

Compassion Fatigue is real and a lot of people experience it. The responsibility of caring for others as well as yourself can be really tiring. If you're a carer in any capacity, why not have a read of this article about ways to fight compassion burnout, or if you want to have a listen or watch of something, there's a Ted Talk playlist of videos talking about all this family, children and caring responsibilities to offer you a bit of advice!


If you're a parent and looking to understand the lines between childhood and parenthood, Ted also have a page dedicated to learning more. Check it out here!

Selfcare is important for everyone, so why not find out how self care and putting yourself first can impact how you are as a parent or carer by taking a look at this video.

"Are there any upcoming events?"

If there are any events we think would be great for you we will list them below. Do you know of something happening that we can add? Get in touch.