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Advice Service Appointment Request


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Remember it is normal to request an appointment, we are here to support you and will do our best with the infomation you provide us.

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By ticking this box I give consent to ARU Students’ Union Advice Service to act on my behalf both orally and in writing about my case with ARU staff and when needed with staff from external organisations. Including giving my permission for ARU staff to release information to the Advice Service. I understand that my personal information including reasons relating to my need for Advice will be stored electronically/and or in hard copies for seven years.  



Terms & Conditions - (click to expand)


Everything you tell us will be treated confidentially. However, if in the opinion of the Adviser, a student is in danger of harming themselves and/or others, or if there is a disclosure of harm being caused by a third party to others, Advisers have a duty of care to students and reserve the right to breach confidentiality by reporting this to SU and/or ARU staff, normally using the ‘Cause for Concern’ process found here or contacting emergency services. Advice Service staff are not expected to tolerate abusive or aggressive behaviour and the service may be withdrawn following any such instances and will be confirmed in writing.


All students have various new rights to their data being used under new GDPR rules, e.g. you can opt out of support from the Advice Service and can withdraw consent to services at any time, this should be done in writing, via email to: london.advice@angliastudent.com. Once confirmed by the Advice Service your case will be closed and you will not be contacted by the Advice Service, unless you contact us again for new advice. For more information on your rights about your personal data please speak to an Adviser.

Anglia Ruskin Students' Union is a company limited by guarantee and a charity registered in England and Wales. Registered Company No. 08064796 and Registered Charity No. 1148574. The registered office of Anglia Ruskin Students' Union is Peter Taylor House, East Road, Cambridge, CB1 1PT

*We use Recite Me (Accessibility Tools) to translate our text into languages other than English. This software is automated, meaning that translations may contain errors or inaccurate translations. We therefore do not claim responsibility for the accuracy of this service.

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