Student Feedback Form - Where your voice matters!!!





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This form allows students to provide feedback about your course and other areas of ARUL and track the progress of the feedback. 


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If your feedback is academically related, please make sure you have spoken to your class rep/champion before completing this form.

1. Tell your Class Rep

The easiest way to feedback about something on your course is to let your Class Rep know.

If you are unsure of who your Class Rep is this year, contact us with details of which group you are in and she can find out.

2. Your Class Rep then passes this on to your Course Champion

If your feedback is quick to fix they will work alongside relevant staff to find a solution.

If your feedback is relevant to others in your class, your Class Rep will pass the feedback on to your Course Champion

If your feedback is something individual just to you, they will help signpost you to the right place for help.


3. Your Course Champion takes this forward to the University

Course Champions look after all the Class Reps from within their course, so once they have feedback from the different reps, they will take that to the University through a meeting called an SSLC (Student Staff Liaison Committee) three times a year.

If the feedback they receive cannot wait until the next meeting, they will work with the Students' Union and Vice President to ensure this is raised quickly.


4. You find out what happened


After the SSLCs have taken place, your Course Champions will feed back to the Class Reps from within their course, who can then relay all relevant information to you.


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If you are struggling with your personal life, need student advice or need any support through your studies. Please do not hesitate to book an appointment with our advice team via the link.


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Why not fulfil the form to raise your voice and get support from us!!! 

Disclaimer: You have the right to provide your information or not. Kindly note that once you fill in the form with your email, we will send the feedback to the relevant departments with no impact on your grading and results.