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We are led by students, in everything we do.

Our core purpose is to represent Anglia Ruskin students both to the University and in the wider community. To do this we elect Representatives, hold Student Council meetings, run campaigns and act on your feedback.


Here at the Students’ Union, we are committed to listening to your voice and making positive change within the Union and the University. Our Representatives are elected to listen and act upon the voice of the student body at course level, faculty level and in various campaigns to create a better university and student experience. Check out how you can get involved in changing our Union and University for the better!

Who represents me?

The Union is made up of over 600 reps who listen to your voice to create change within the University and our Students' Union. Representatives gain feedback from the student community and then feedback within Student Staff Liaison Committee Meetings, Faculty Boards, Student Council, Executive Committee, Education Forum and through various Union and Representative Campaigns.The Reps include:

Executive Officers

Campaign Reps

Faculty Reps

National Conference Delegates

Postgraduate Research Reps

Course Reps

How can I make change?

As a student you can make a difference within the University by raising your issues, concerns as well as praises to inform future change. Get to know and feedback to your Representatives and talk to them about your University and student experience. They will raise your comments at relevant meetings for discussion with Union and University staff to bring about change. You can also submit any ideas you have for change at Student Council, where your Reps will discuss and vote upon them to transform your idea into policy.

Where to find us:

Come in to the Students' Union to meet with a Representation Coordinator to discuss your role and we will help to give you guidance to be the best rep you can be!:

Cambridge Coordinators

Helmore Building, Helmore 125

Tel: 01223 460 008


Jordan Lewis

Representation Coordinator


Hours: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

Chelmsford Coordinators

Tindal Building, First Floor

Tel: 01245 258 178


Emma Hughes

Representation Coordinator


Hours: Monday - Friday 9:am-5pm


Peterborough Coordinators

Peterborough 107D

Tel: 0845 196 5560


Georgia Elderkin

Students' Union Coordinator


Hours: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm