How you're Represented

The student voice is central to everything we do. We are led by students and each year you get to elect the representatives who will work for you to make your Anglia Ruskin experience the best it can be.

Your Students' Union is led by 5 Executive Officers democratically elected from the student body to work full-time to represent the 20,000 students at ARU. You can find out more about who they are here.

But they couldn't do this on their own - which is why we also have current students as Student Representatives. You could be a Rep yourself during your studies, and help to improve the experience of yourself and your fellow students. There are many benefits to becoming a representative, like making positive changes, receiving fantastic training, and gaining experiences and skills that look great on your CV.

There are 4 types of Rep role - Course Reps, Faculty Reps, Porfolio Reps, and Conference Reps - and you can run for several of these if you'd like to. Find out more about the individual roles here

The main Rep elections take place in October which you can nominate yourself for via your MyCourse page in September. If you would like to be a Course Rep and your course starts after this time, either speak to your Course Leader or contact your Rep Coordinator to find out how to get involved. 

The best reason to get involved is to make change happen, ensure the student voice is heard and become part of a huge community of Reps at Anglia Ruskin.

If you want to help improve the student experience at ARU but don’t want to become a Rep yourself, there are loads of other ways you can get involved: supporting a campaign, filling in a survey, talking to your Rep, or even just voting in the elections are all ways your voice can be heard at Anglia Ruskin.