Vice President (ARU London)


We are looking for a student to become the Vice President for ARU London! 

  • It's a paid, 2-day or 3-day a week position (you can decide), flexible around your studies
  • You will earn approx between £9500-£12000
  • The role begins in July 2021 and last for one year (so you cannot be in your final year)
  • To be successful - you will need to be elected by your fellow ARU London students


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Any questions email Izzie.

The Vice President will be responsible for the following (hover on a square to reveal more information);



Academic representation

You will represent all students at ARUL and work to improve their academic experience



Implementing ideas & projects

 you will work on and develop ideas and projects to improve the everyday experience of students




Wellbeing and welfare

you will proactively campaign on matters relating to wellbeing and welfare




Act as a figurehead

you will lead and support elected representatives and volunteers




Championing activities

you will champion the development of extra/co-curricular activities and opportunities including networks and groups


Gather student  feedback

you will actively listen to what students want and put their ideas into action to create positive change




Leading campaigns

 you will have the opportunity to campaign on institutional, local and national issues for the benefit of students




Building relationships

 you will hold regular meetings with relevant members of senior managment


The Vice President will be working alongside the Chelmsford & Cambridge Executive Officers and Reps to ensure the voice of ARU London is heard throughout Anglia Ruskin University.

Interested? We hope so! First of all you need to have filled out a nomination form for yourself before 24 February, 12pm.

After this date, you will need to campaign for as many votes as possible (we will give you a budget for this). Students will then cast their votes online (between March 6th, 9am - 12th March, 2pm).

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The Vice President will

    1. act as the lead representative for students at ARU London;
    2. chair a regular Faculty Forum to gather views, opinions, ideas and feedback;
    3. implement ideas and projects to improve the experience of students within the faculty;
    4. lead and support all elected representatives and volunteers within the faculty and Union;
    5. provide effective academic representation and prioritise the wider development of representation within the University;
    6. proactively campaign on matters relating to wellbeing and welfare (including but not limited to accommodation, belief, equal opportunities, housing, finance, safety and religion); and
    7. champion the benefits and growth of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and opportunities.
    8. lead priority campaigns to promote change for the benefit of students and support all campaigns organised by the Union;
    9. hold regular meetings with the Principle of ARU London and relevant members of the senior management team and attend other meetings with the University appropriate to the role; and
    10. work such hours and in locations required to satisfy the duties of the post to maximise benefit to students.


    Within the wider Students’ Union the Vice President will

    1. represent students; attend and support all democratic meetings and gather student views, opinions, ideas and feedback;
    2. work in the direction of the vision, mission, values and strategic priorities of the Students’ Union;
    3. work to maximise communication with students;
    4. encourage participation in Union activities, in particular act as a champion for meetings, elections and campaigns;
    5. represent individuals, groups and the body of students to the University, National Union of Students, community and policy forming bodies, including attending meetings of such organisations;
    6. champion liberation, equality, diversity and inclusion;
    7. attend training courses and other opportunities for personal and professional development;
    8. attend meetings as appropriate to plan activities and review progress; and
    9. comply with all regulations, policies and protocols of the Union.

If you want to know more about any of the above positions please don't hesitate to get in touch