Student Rep Election 2022

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The ARU London Student Rep Elections are here! 


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What is the Rep Election? 


Each year, we run the Student Rep Elections where ARU London students choose who will be their representatives for the current academic year. Your elected reps will be the voice of all London students, taking your feedback and concerns to the Students’ Union and senior management at the University.

We have two voluntary student rep positions: the Class Rep and the Course Champion. Each role has different responsibilities but both have the main aim of championing positive change to the student experience.

There are no interviews required to become a Course Champion or Class Rep.  Instead, you will stand in an election and the student body will vote for the candidate they see as the best fit for the role and its responsibilities.



This shows how feedback moves through Class Reps, Course Champions and the Vice President

10,000 ARU London Students

Giving feedback to...

Over 150 Class Reps 

Collecting class-based feedback and sharing it with...

13 x Course Champions (1 x per course)

Collecting wider course-based feedback and sharing it with...

2 x Vice Presidents (ARU London)

Using the feedback to create positive change.



Do you think you would be a fantastic student representative? Head over to the VLE and nominate yourself today.



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What position can I run for?


You can run for whichever role you like! However, you cannot be both a Class Rep and a Course Champion.

These are both voluntary roles that work alongside your studies and last the course of the academic year. It is important to be able to balance the responsibilities of the role and your academic commitments.

The good news is no experience is required. As a student rep you will get full training and ongoing support from experienced SU staff members throughout the year.


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What is a Class Rep?


As a Class Rep you will sit directly between the student body and the Course Champion, acting as a key role in ensuring the student voice is heard by the University.

This year we have made a few changes; rather than having a rep for every cohort, Class Reps will be allocated by course and level (e.g. Finance and Accounting Level 4 Class Rep). This means you will represent the voice of students on your course across your entire level of study. Each course level will have multiple Class Reps to ensure the student voice is effectively represented.

Class Reps will be:

  • - The first point of contact for peers and students on your course level to provide feedback to
  • - Dealing with the day-to-day issues that students face at ARU London, signposting them to the correct teams when necessary
  • - In regular contact with their Course Champion, updating them with important feedback raised
  • - Attending pre-SSLC forum meetings, helping Course Champions to filter and group main themes of feedback
  • - An ambassador of positive change to the student experience at ARU London




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What is a Course Champion?


The Course Champion represents the voice of all students on their course, with the help of their dedicated team of Class Reps. As a Course Champion, you will work closely with the Vice President’s and SU staff and will take key feedback to senior management at ARU London to ensure that positive changes are enforced.

Course Champions will be:

  • - The first point of contact for Class Reps
  • - Dealing with the larger, more pressing issues faced by the ARU London student body
  • - A leader, hosting pre-SSLC forums with Class Reps in preparation for SSLC meetings with senior university staff
  • - Lobbying for positive changes to ensure the best experience for all students at ARU London
  • - Encouraging Class Reps to engage in their role: providing them with regular updates, nominating them for special recognition, and motivating them to be a champion of positive change




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Why should I nominate myself?


You get to make a difference.

As a student rep, you will be an advocate for the student voice. You will be a part of a representative system that the Students’ Union prides so many of its values on and be a part of holding the University accountable for the student experience.

Both roles open you up to a wide range of CV, career and skills development, providing you with that extra flair in future opportunities beyond your studies. As a student rep you can develop skills in:

  • - Leadership
  • - Advocacy
  • - Volunteering
  • - Communication
  • - Negotiation
  • - Multi-Tasking
  • - Representation
  • - And much more

This year, the Students’ Union will be doing more than ever in supporting you and ensuring that you gain the absolute most from the role. We will be hosting a range of skills specific CPD sessions, exclusive to our Student Reps, to assist you in future opportunities throughout the remainder of your studies and beyond.

Finally, as a Student Rep you automatically become a part of a special community with a wealth of opportunity to be recognised, celebrated, and to come together socially with like-minded people. This includes:

  • - 3x Student Rep socials hosted by the Students’ Union team
  • - Class Rep of the Month recognition
  • - Class Rep and Course Champion of the Year recognition at the SU Awards 2023




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How do I nominate myself?


Do you think you have what it takes to be a champion of positive change?

Head to the Students' Union section on the VLE and apply to be a Course Champion or Class Rep now.




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How do I vote?


Voting for the Rep Election 22 opens on Monday 3rd October and closes on Friday 7th October at 10am.

Once voting has opened, head to the Students' Union section on the VLE and select who you want to be your Course Champion and Class Rep.