A slimmed-down, online, Students' Union


In light of the recent advice from both ARU and the UK Government, ARU Studens' Union London are moving all services online. We are doing this to ensure we keep both our students and staff as safe and healthy as we can whilst still being able to support you.


We have considered the most important functions of the Students' Union and will be putting as much energy into this as possible, see below for the changes.



Operation level

 Academic & Welfare Advice 

This will continue to operate via telephone and email appointments only. Fully/mostly operating
 Student Representation  Course Reps are still encouraged to gather feedback online/over whatsapp, particularly at this challenging time. Fully/mostly operating

 Project Group Funding

This will be temporarily stopped. Not operating
 Project Group Events All physical events will be stopped. Not operating 
 Liberation Networks/Student Groups All physical events will be stopped but we will support our Networks & Student Groups in supporting one another online. Partially operating 
 Students' Union Awards This has been postponed indefinitely. Not operating 
 The Election 2020 All campaigning will now take place online only. Results to also take place online. Fully/mostly operating
 The Office/Shop The on-site Offices/Shops will be closed indefinitely. Not operating