Coronavirus (COVID 19)

We are monitoring the unfolding situation of the Coronavirus carefully and are adhering to Public Health England guidance. It’s important to remember the risk to the UK population is currently low. We are aware that students may be worried or have concerns about a whole range of issues related to the virus. If you have a concern that you would like answered, please ask your question below. We will respond to all queries individually. Please note that your query may require a response that is outside our immediate control so there may be a delay in responding to some queries.


We would highly recommend your keep an eye on your student emails at this time and follow ARU London on social media.

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What happens to my lectures and seminars after Tuesday 17th March?

From Wednesday 18th March, ARU London will move to online teaching, support and assessment. Arrangements regarding any coursework, assessments or examinations due before the end of the trimester will be confirmed soon. Until further notice, all examinations under controlled conditions will be replaced by alternative forms of assessment that students can complete individually and submit electronically. You can join the VLE Chatroom on your VLE modules on the same days and times that you are timetabled to attend lectures.  Your lecturer for that session will be in the VLE module Chatroom to offer support, direct further reading, prompt debate, and guide learning.  Video lectures will increasingly appear on the VLE to focus and drive your studies directed by the Module Leader. 

Will the campus remain open?

Farringdon & East India sites will remain open for students to use the study space and resources for independent quiet study. The Students' Union will continue to operate online.

I have flu-like symptons, what should I do?

  • If you have flu-like symptoms (fever above 37.8C or a new and persistent cough) you should self-isolate (stay at home, away from other people) for 14 days.
  • If you are being tested for the Coronavirus, or have already been diagnosed, please email  
  • If you have been in close contact with someone with a confirmed case of coronavirus COVID-19 contact NHS 111 online coronavirus service. If you are instructed to self-isolate please email .
  • If you have an assessment deadline coming up and you are too ill to study and complete your work, you can request a short-term extension of up to 10 working days, which will cover the period you should self-isolate.

It’s important to remember the most severely affected people are the elderly with underlying health conditions. The majority of people who will have contracted the virus will recover in full and most cases are mild.

I have purchased a ticket for SU Awards, what should I do?

The SU Awards event is currently postponed until further notice. We will still continue to shortlist for the awards as planned but the physical event will be moved to a later date. We will be in touch shortly with ticketholders to let them know what their ticket options are. We hope to run this event before the end of the academic year and will be in touch as soon as we have further guidance.

My society/group have organised events that are coming up. Should we cancel?

We recommend that your groups cease running activities and events where possible and hold meetings online/via group chats instead.