Project 5. 5 goals in 5 years

Your Students' Union is growing.

Where do you see us in 5 years from now?


  1. Research period: September - October
  2. Stakeholder consultation: November - February
  3. Final sign off: March 2021

Over the next 4 months we are putting together a 5-year development plan for ARU London Students' Union. We have been working at ARU London for the last 3 years and are excited to take the next step and start expanding.


We will be regularly updating this page with our progress, ideas and plenty of opportunities for you to input. 

We are excited to release our draft "5 Goals in 5 Years".

We have created these goals based on all of our research and student feedback over the last three years and we would like you to approve them later in the year.

We will be taking this to the university to ask for additional funding to enable us to meet these commitments and we want to ensure we have ARU London students supporting us.


Below you have the chance to give us your feedback on these goals...


Goal One

We will have a Student Leadership Team that reflects our students 

You told us that having a voice and being truly represented is really important to you. You want somebody who is willing to fight for your rights and feedback effectively. We are proposing an expansion of the current student leadership system to include for example, an ARU London Student President, a Vice President (Farringdon) and a Vice President (East India).

Goal Two

We will connect with our students wherever they are 

You told us that communication is vital to a good student experience. You are busy, with many competing priorities, and we want to work around that. We are proposing a review of our current office hours to be more available to you and to consider how we can better improve our virtual office services to fit in with your lifestyles, wherever you are.

Goal Three

We will have a strong representation mechanism in partnership with ARU London University

You told us that the chain of feedback from the Students’ Union and University is not good enough. If you have raised feedback, either yourself or on behalf of a group of students, you want a result and to know what that result is. We are proposing the creation of a Representation Partnership Agreement with the University to embed a joint framework to support the election of student representatives and the mechanisms in place to ensure feedback is taken forwards and responses are given in a timely manner.

Goal Four

We will place employability at the heart of our activities 

You told us that developing employability skills is one of the biggest driving factors for joining ARU London. You want more opportunities to develop real-life practical skills whilst you are studying. One of the ways we want to make this happen is by proposing the introduction of student staff employment with us. We want to consider short-term student jobs, and consider longer-term student placements and internships within the Students’ Union.

Goal Five

We will provide relevant and fast support to students, from the first appointment to the end solution

You told us that you that the support you currently receive, for mental health, housing and wider commitments for example, is lacking. You have complicated and often stressful lives outside of the University and you want a clear path to getting the help you need to support your journey. We are proposing to work closely with the Wellbeing Team and expand our Advice Service to partner up with local organisations and services to ensure fast and effective signposting, direct referrals and consistent follow up with you.


We would love to know what you think...




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