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Welcome to the Literary Society:

Welcome freshers to the Anglia Ruskin Literary Society. So you have an interest in books and want to share it with someone, but you're too deep to be understood by the rest of the world? Well fear not, you're not alone! Our society is here for you and your fellow students to discuss, debate and fervently defend your favourite novel, whilst being introduced to works and theoretical criticism that you may not have considered before. So now you'll be able to take that underappreciated Victorian novella of yours and share it with likeminded and well spirited budding literary critics, or introduce the world to your beautifully poignant poetry, which sheds light on parts of the human condition never before understood. Wherever your passion for literature lies, we hope to provide you with everything you need to strengthen this passion even further.

What we do:

Literary Society Magazine
Last year the society created a collection of poems, stories and writings by members, which was called the Almanac. This year we hope this continue in this vain with by producing a new Literary society magazine.

Theatre Trips
Alongside uni-based activities, the Literary Society has kept a keen eye out for the vast amount of film and theatre that Cambridge has to offer. With the Mumford theatre on site and a variety of other theatres within Cambridge, our society will be organising trips to various plays (providing the interest is there), which is usually followed by a trip to the pub afterwards for laughs and discussion.


We want people to be able to enjoy and share their love of literature so the Literary Society organises social events throughout the academic year, so you can blow off some steam from essay writing by joining in a more relaxed approach to literature. Anglia Ruskin is lucky enough to have some very enjoyable pubs on its doorstep (which you'll become all too familar with during your stay here), so if you're interested in having a few drinks whilst discussing an abundance of genres look no further than the Lit Soc socials. We dissuss everything from classic literature though to modren science fiction. We also run a series of open mic nights throughtout the year, so far we have planed a gothic themed one for Halloween and a First World war commemoration for the 11th of November, with others to be announced during the year.

Student and Guest Lectures
Whilst we focus on providing students with fun way of enjoying literature, we also put a lot of importance on broadening intellectual horizons. Therefore the Literary Society will be organising evening lectures in which ARU's English Faculty, guest lecturers from other universities and your fellow students will be speaking on a topic of their choosing. For more information on this event, as well as others, make sure to join the Literary Society Facebook page to receive regular updates. 

Signing up and how to contact us:

One of the simplest ways to sign up to the Literary Society is to show up to the Freshers Fair. We'll be there for the whole day, so feel free to pop by, ask any questions you may have and then put yourself down as a member. You should no doubt be able to find us by all the books we'll be surrounded by. 

If you happen to miss the Freshers Fair, or would simply like to contact us otherwise, send us an email at We check our mail regularly, so if you have any queries we should get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you soon! 

President/Treasurer: Rupert Woods

Vice-President/Secretary: Jessica Diamond


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Literary Society
Literary Society
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