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Sports clubs and Societies – what’s all the fuss about?

We will never stop shouting about our brilliant sports clubs and societies so we’re here to tell you all about why you should join one of them, especially in your first year…

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are monitoring the unfolding situation of the Coronavirus carefully and are adhering to Public Health England guidance. It’s important to remember the risk to the UK population is currently low. We are aware that students may be worried or have concerns about a whole range of issues related to the virus. If you have a query or concerns then please take a look at our page.

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter

We as a Union have been profoundly saddened by the recent events that have brought into a new perspective the issues of systemic and institutional racism that still exist in our society. Read the full statement from your Elected Officers here.

10 reasons to join Kindness Hour

Kindness Hour is a weekly get together organised by the SU Volunteering team. We meet every Thursday at 12pm on Zoom to catch-up while doing a different volunteering/kindness activity each week. But why should you join in?

What is it like to run a society?

Always wished you had run your society? Have a flair for event planning? Or just want to be part of a great team?

What is a Course Rep?

Being a Course Rep sounds all well and good… but what exactly is a Course Rep?

How to enjoy uni as a commuting student

Here is how you can still enjoy the uni experience and get involved as a commuting student.

How to deal with feeling nervous about moving out

It’s okay to feel some anxiety about moving out of your home into student accommodation. But here’s some tips on making it an easier process.

What is ARU Students’ Union?

Find out exactly who we are, and what we can offer you!

How to thrive in the summer as a post grad student

You’re still going to be here over the summer… Here’s how to thrive.

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Students creating success together

We recognise individual aspirations for success and support students to collaborate and realise their ambitions. Find out more.


Your opportunity to celebrate our different cultures and global community here at ARU.

 The SU and International Office are excited to announce this year's ARU Global Week will be running from the 

24th - 28th February 2020!



What is Global Week?

Global Week is a celebration of the cultural diversity here at Anglia Ruskin run by your Students' Union and ARU International Office! We have students from hundreds of different countries that all share one thing in common… Anglia Ruskin. Our aim for the week is to bring students and staff together through a mixture of education, fun, volunteering events, academic workshops and just a whole lot of fun from across the globe. By the end of the week we see lifelong friendships form and societies created.


Societies Global Week 2020: 'What's On' Monday
24th February 9am - 6pm
Global Week 2020 is here!
Arts and Crafts Society - Cambridge Global week Map Bingo competition
24th February 3pm - 28th February 5pm
Students' Union PTH
ARU Global week Map Bingo! Get involved this week and mark off on your map where you've visited at each stall you've been to! You have the whole week to complete this for the chance to win some awesome arts and crafts prizes!
Anglia Ruskin Students' Union Global Week Quiz! - Chelmsford
24th February 5:30pm - 8pm
The Weekly Quiz is back, and this week we are celebrating Global Week with you!
Societies Global Week 2020: 'What's On' Tuesday
25th February 9am - 10:30pm
Global Week 2020 is here!
Latin American Society - Cambridge LatinA society plays with money!
25th February 11am - 4pm
Helmore building
Pop in by our stall at Hellmore Street, play some of our games to receive vouchers for Venezuelan food and learn more about our Money Origami 4 Education Campaign!
Societies International Showcase - Cambridge
25th February 7pm - 10pm
The Academy - Helmore Building
Global Week 2020 #ARUGlobalWeek
Societies Global Week 2020: 'What's On' Wednesday
26th February 9am - 10:30pm
Global Week 2020 is here!
Societies Global Week: Salsa Class - Chelmsford
26th February 5pm - 6pm
92, Tindal Building
Come and join the Salsa Society for Global Week
Cafe92 Global Week : Wild Wednesday - Chelmsford
26th February 7:30pm - 11pm
An international party like no other


What's on during Global Week?

Each year we put on a week of events to celebrate the diversity of our community and allow you, the students, to share your passions and interests. We've got all sorts of incredible events planned this year including free henna tattooing, workshops from Amnesty International, Scottish dancing classes, international yoga classes, fashion shows, talent shows and much much more. 



Want to run a stall and showcase your culture? Or would you like to start a cultural society? Email our Student Activities team at societies@angliastudent.com or visit us at one of our Students' Union Receptions to find out more.

If you have an idea or just want a chat email and let us know. (We can try to get you some funding for your ideas too!)


How can you get involved?

Host a stall and represent your country or nation

Hold an event… how about a cultural fashion show?

Fundraise for a global charity

Request guest speakers to talk on global issues

Pop along to one of the planned events and have fun


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