Bio-Data Society - Cambridge

Goals and Aims
Whilst we are still in the "setting up" period as well as being in the middle of the biggest pandemic in recent memory, we don't have any events booked or ready to go.
But, what we have planned include:
- Team greets - many of the current members of the society are those on a flagship Bioinformatics Apprenticeship in
association with institutes such as: The Sanger Institute, Illumina, Eagle Genomics, GSK and KyMab.
To honor this we are planning to get a member of each team in to talk what, why and how they do their job.
Some include Data-Base management in a bioinformatics setting, building bioinformatics pipelines and curating genomes for publication.
- Talks - as well as the above talks and chats, we would also love to start getting speakers in to talk about various,
university relevant subjects such as: genomics, microbiology, informatics and any others that are suggested by our members.
These talks are here to enhance what is taught during our time at university.
- Study help sessions - Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses whether they know it or not.
These sessions will exist as a way to "Bring everyone up to speed", whether they are a programmer
who wants to learn biology or vice versa.
- Program Jam (Gram-Jams?)- Programming is similar to learning a new language, and like learning a new language you need to
exercise that skill regularly to keep it in shape. These Program Jams will involve an exercise that will be
voted on and can be worked in groups or solo (although we suggest groups as collaborative programming is a skill
essential for professionals).
- Training materials - Be a small hub for training materials via our GitHub which will be completely open source.
Ambitious as all this sounds, we feel up to the task and hope you will join us for the ride.





We don't have anything planned right now but check back soon!






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