Associate Memberships

Associate Membership Application Form

Please fill in the form below, please be aware the Union holds the right to refuse membership in line with our Associate Membership Policy. Societies can have 1 associate member for every 10 paid student members. Your application must show the benefit you as an associate member will provide to the society and you need to be endorsed by a current committee member for your chosen group.


Name of Students' Union Club / Society you wish to become a member of:

Campus the club/society is based on:

Your date of birth:

Your email address:

Please self define yourself into one of the below options:

Alumni of Anglia Ruskin

Current Cric Student

Staff member of Anglia Ruskin University or ARU Students' Union

Current student at a partner college 

Professional in Industry

Mobile Phone Number:

Current Occupation/Situation:

Are you seeking associate membership to fulfill your role as a carer for an Anglia Ruskin Student?:



Why do you wish to join the society?


What extra skills, knowledge or experience can you add to the society/club?


How did you hear about the club/society? 


Name of the current club/society committee member endorsing your membership:




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