Matt Hayes

     Matt Hayes: President

Studied: Audio Music Technology


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What made you stand to be an Officer?

I have always been a big complainer. Eventually I realised that complaining wasn't actually doing me any good and I needed to do something about it so I ran to be a course rep and was successfully elected (2 years in a row!)

Being a course rep was a great experience for me - I made a few changes that really made a difference to my cohort including getting a printer/scanner/copier in Compass House so that students didn't have to trek to main campus and back if they just wanted to print something off.

Eventually though, the problems that were coming up were bigger than I felt I could deal with as a course rep so I started working with the Vice President for my faculty and that in turn led me to consider putting myself forward for election. 

If you had a super power what would it be? 

I would have the ability to freeze time so I could lay in longer in the mornings.


Matt's Live Updates and Campaign News:

2018-19 Campaigns: Access Denied (Matt Hayes)

Tue 04 Dec 2018

Your VP Matt Hayes wants to expand access to FSE spaces across ARU!

2018-19 Campaigns: Society Skills (Matt Hayes)

Tue 06 Nov 2018

Your VP Matt Hayes wants to develop Society Skills!

What is the Group Chat?

Mon 05 Nov 2018

Make some noise. This is your space to make ARU more representative, more accessible and more student-led. Find out more.



What are your priorities for this year?

We've got a jam-packed year in terms of manifesto pledges but some of the big highlights include:

  • Launching a Drug Harm Reduction campaign so that our students have access to free advice and checking kits.
  • Review the findings of the Rent survey we ran last year and see what you guys as students have to say about your living situations
  • Explore the possibility of setting up a scholarship scheme for refugees so that they can access education despite being displaced from their country of origin. 


Tell us something not many people know about you.

Outside of work, I can mostly be found playing bass with my band History & Lore.  I also carry a Rubik's Cube with me at all times in case I find myself bored and without a phone or laptop - I can solve it in less than 2 minutes.


Share your three favourite tunes

Deftones - Diamond Eyes

clipping. - Story 2

Fontaines D.C. - Chequeless Reckless


What's your ultimate ARU moment?

My ultimate ARU moment was handing over to the new AMT Society committee for 2018/2019 - I was so proud to see how far they'd come and they did an amazing job despite having a really tough year. They're all going to go onto really great stuff, I'm sure of it.


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2018-19 Campaigns: Access Denied (Matt Hayes)

Your VP Matt Hayes wants to expand access to FSE spaces across ARU! ...(more)