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    Siobhan Fouché

     Vice President - Science and Engineering


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Animal Behaviour (Extended)

Siobhan's Live Updates and Campaign News:

On Monday Novemeber 4th I attended NUS SOS-UK Sustainability Summit in the interest of my campaign on sustainability that I am leading with Fraser (VP HEMS). We gave a presentation in the turning the climate emergency into concrete action workshop which was well received and appreciated by NUS who ran the event.


I will be rolling out my survivor support blog during November - a platform in which those who have suffered abuse during childhood can find support and solace in an environment designed to be free of stigma and shame. I hope this will be a successful campaign and that it will help students feeling alone in their journey to healing.


I have been attending faculty meetings, academic committees and steering groups to provide a student voice and represent all of you. In these meetings I have been keen to collaborate with academic and university staff in providing the best tools for students, creating a safe and inclusive environment, and quering new resources such as PDTs to ensure these are being fully utilised.


Catch me around the Cambridge and Chelmsford campuses and feel free to stop me for a chat, or drop me a message to voice concerns, questions and share ideas.



What made you stand to be an Officer?

Being a Course Rep helped to increase my engagement within the University, my course and the Students' Union which lead to my nomination for VP FSE. Without that nomination, I could not have had the confidence to turn a potential opportunity into a real possibility. Listening to student feedback, passing comments and opinions really made an impact on how I viewed my own role within ARU, and I decided I wanted to be more involved in student views and the changes they can bring about.


Share your three favourite tunes

Currently they are;

Alessia Cara - Easier Said

UB40 - Red Red Wine

Cavetown - Boys Will Be Bugs


What are your priorities for this year?

  • More importance on student support and mental wellbeing in association to their experiences throughout their ARU journey.
  • Tackle the marking schemes and subjectivity within this under FSE; potentially improving student satisfaction and engagement.
  • Work on student inclusivity in module choices and course adjustments.


Tell us something not many people know about you.

  • I started learning cross-body salsa before attending university and continued improving whenever I went home, so I can pretty much dance with a good lead...but do not hold me to that.
  • I also designed my sunflower tattoo (left forearm) myself - so I have my own art on my body which is cool.


What's your ultimate ARU moment?

Getting shot by the confetti cannon at the Results Night in way to start!


If you had a super power what would it be? 

Either to be able to understand animals the way I (sort of) can humans OR to be able to teleport wherever I want (not only is that environmentally friendly but it would safe money and effort).


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