Staff Protocol

The Election Staff Protocol 


This is the protocol all ARU University Staff, Students' Union Staff and all Student Staff (on duty) are required to adhere to during the elections.


Staff (including student staff on duty):

·             Staff should not involve themselves in the election process other than to administer the election procedure

·             Staff should not give an opinion as to the suitability or otherwise of candidates standing for posts

·             Staff should not give any help to candidates regarding their manifestos, election materials or campaigning other than in an administrative capacity

·             Staff on ballot stations should not tell students who to vote for or show favour to any candidates


The regulations

Candidates and campaigners shall obey the regulations and any additional rules imposed by the Returning Officer. Candidates found to be in breach of these regulations shall, at the discretion of the Returning Officer, be disqualified from the election.


Our approach

·             We will elect people in a free and fair manner

·             We are not here to give everyone an equal chance of winning, but a fair one

·             We will help candidates to engage better where we can



·             Candidates are responsible for their campaign and the conduct of their campaigners

·             Candidates must take reasonable steps to ensure that their campaigners actions comply with the regulations at all times and must be able to demonstrate this in the event of a complaint against them

·             Candidates and campaigners shall abide by the Equal, Diversity and Inclusion Policy see

·             Candidates should not undertake campaigns activity which others could not also reasonably do

·             Candidates who hold an elected role may only use resources and tools which others could also reasonably have access to

·             Candidates and campaigners may only alter, move or remove their own campaign materials

·             Campaigners must allow voters to cast their ballot freely and must not communicate with voters in any way once they have begun to complete their ballot



·             Candidates must not exceed their budget limits

·             Candidates must submit a list of campaigns costs with corresponding receipts to the Deputy Returning Officer or their nominee by the close of balloting

·             Items freely and readily available to all candidates and campaigners can be used without itemisation

·             Candidates and campaigners must not fundraise or seek sponsorship for their campaign



Emma Howes, Deputy Returning Officer

January 2019