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Upcoming Events

ARU Surgical Mentoring Scheme
10th January - 31st July
We’re pleased to bring you a new addition to this year – a surgical mentoring scheme! The aim is to pair those interested in a particular speciality with someone in that field who can provide an insight into what a career might look like!
Join the Free Rice Challenge!
18th-25th January
Join this online volunteering challenge as we try to create more social change
Meet the Compass Society
22nd January
International Students' Meet Up
22nd January
Get to know your International Students' Reps, Aina and Rohit, at this virtual meet-up!
Meet the Business Society
22nd January
Microsoft Teams
Refreshers - The Comedy Store LIVE
22nd January
Four award winning comedians, one show streamed direct to your sofa!
Performing Arts Give It A Go Session
23rd January
Microsoft Teams
What is Money-Art? - Money Festival 2020
25th January
Microsoft Teams
The Money Festival 2020 – a perfect event to start your journey on financial literacy, activism and sustainability! Webinar Nr.2 out of 4. Topic: What is Money-Art? with Alumni & activist Katherine Hasegawa-Perez
Commercial awareness event
25th January
Commercial Awareness event join our event on Monday the 25th of January at 17:00. Get a chance to win an award for the best question! Attend all 3 events to get a certificate!

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